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Don’t Look Back In Anger

Part of growth and maturity is the ability to take ownership of both the good and bad out of any situation and turn it into lessons for the future

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Sure, 2020 was not a good year for those in the training industry and generally everyone throughout the world. Some of us lost our love ones, friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers and many more. Others suffered major setbacks in their business, lost jobs, lost opportunities and had their world turn upside down. Definitely, the effect of the pandemic is not to be taken lightly. 

Having said that, as G. Michael Hopf famously puts it, “Hard times create strong men.” And I  truly believe, for those who found the strength to push through and survive this challenge, there is no doubt that we can only get better. 

The Art of Moving Forward  

Part of growth and maturity is the ability to take ownership of both the good and bad out of any situation and turn it into lessons for the future. So, for the past 10 days (between 21st to  30th December 2020), I have made a conscious effort to start a small movement to invite people to relook at the year with a different perspective so that we can use the lessons learned to face the days ahead, and as a result, make 2021 a year to bounce back better and stronger.  

Here are my ten (10) questions, as my invitation to the movement of #ImGratefulFor2020:

  1. What was the one thing we are grateful for in 2020? 
  2. What was our biggest lesson in 2020? 
  3. What is an advice that we would give ourselves if we were to redo 2020.
  4. What was the one (1) thing that we did that we were proud of in 2020?
  5. Who is the person that we received most love and support from in 2020? 
  6. What was the one (1) regret we have in 2020? 
  7. What was our lucky moment in 2020? 
  8. What would be a question that we would ask our future self beyond 2020?
  9. What were the funny moments we had in 2020? 
  10. What was a risk we took that paid off in 2020? 

The answers to these questions are not meant for anyone else except ourselves. As we ask ourselves these questions, the idea is that we “hijack” your mind to think objectively on those moments and realize what lessons it may have brought us. The answers are best written down on paper to allow time for the mind to fully absorb the lessons and make connections between past events and the benefits and/or influence they may have on future actions and decisions.  

May this exercise bring some positive impact to our lives. All the best! 

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Ahmad Fauzan Othman is the Lead Trainer for HRDF Train-the-Trainer certification course and has trained various level of employees from the private and public sector. Fauzan has been actively sharing content online since 2015 and has conducted numerous webinars which have had viewers from across the globe including Poland, India and South-East Asia. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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