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Twitter Unveils #BestofTweets 2020 Malaysia Award Winners

Celebrating the brands worth remembering from a year we’ll never forget

Photo by Chris J. Davis on Unsplash

2020 has been a year of disruption and disconnect across economies, industries, and communities. For marketers, 2020 proved to be a more challenging year as disconnect is a rampant theme all throughout. Campaigns, events, and creative shoots had to be moved online, postponed, or cancelled, setting aside a year’s worth of pre-planned concepts and strategies into the shelves.  

Despite these challenges, the real time nature of Twitter provided a space for brands to step up and take action to inform, support and entertain people during an objectively chaotic year. Whether they’re tapping into Twitter’s conversational insights, creating a meaningful connection with their communities or using Twitter’s product suite to completely revamp their launch plan–marketers across Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia displayed tenacity and creativity in using Twitter to help their brand stay agile and relevant this year. 

In recognition of this extraordinary work, and as we reflect on the toughest of years, Twitter is today introducing its #BestofTweets 2020 Malaysia Awards to celebrate and applaud the brands that broke through the chatter to create standout campaigns.  

Best Campaign for Driving Positive Change in Society

There has never been a more important time like now for brands to articulate their ideals and more importantly, act on them, as more people are choosing brands based on their positive impact on society. Libresse Malaysia (@Libresse_MY) launched the “Know Your V” campaign with the aim of creating awareness and educating women on their V-zone. The brand has found that that many women have very little understanding of their V-zone area due to the negative cultural pressure, unnecessary shaming and general uncertainty surrounding the sensitivity of the subject.

The campaign encouraged Malaysians not to shy away from these topics that are considered “taboos,” and inherently normalised the conversation about what’s important to women, inspiring everyone to be comfortable with their body.

Best Brand Voice

In a challenging business environment, it is definitely a challenge for brands to consistently and strategically  define and leverage their own voice. Known for their yearly emotional Hari Raya ads, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (@Tenaga_Nasional) is able to consistently leverage its brand voice with their #SemangatRayaEpikFantastik (‘Epik Fantastik’ Raya spirit) campaign despite a very different mood in 2020.

#SemangatRayaEpikFantastik (‘Epik Fantastik’ Raya spirit) film captures the essence of previous TNB’s Raya video through cameo appearances from previous festive films, and espousing values associated with Hari Raya, such as togetherness, despite restrictions from the Movement Control Order.

The film opens and closes with Jero the cat, a character that has been a regular feature across TNB’s festive films since he first appeared 4 years ago. His message to the audience is a reminder of humanity, solidarity and togetherness, with the film’s feature song titled ‘Kita Tetap Bersama’ meaning ‘We will always be together’ serving as a fitting backdrop to the message.”

Best Use of Video

Video content marketing is increasingly an important part of any brand marketing strategy, as more people consume content in the form of videos. Online video is the only advertising format to have its 2020 growth estimate upgraded and is expected to lead growth in 2021. Mister Potato tapped on humour and outstanding creative graphics to launch its new crinkle cut potato chip offering – SyokWave, setting record views and got Malaysians on Twitter talking about how hilarious the ad was, their love for the product and most importantly, the brand.

Most Tweeted about Brand

As 2020 has accelerated the growth of ecommerce in Malaysia, the shopping conversations on Twitter have also accelerated in many markets throughout the year. With many successful campaigns in Malaysia targeting the biggest shopping days, Shopee is the most-talked about brand on Twitter in Malaysia.

Best “Launch” on Twitter 

In 2020, brands trying to launch something new face unique challenges. Many launch plans have been moved up, pushed back, or paused temporarily during the crisis. But it is possible to launch successfully during a downturn, as we have seen so many brands that creatively leveraged Twitter to introduce a new product, brand, message or campaign. 

McDonald’s Malaysia came to Twitter to launch its #AyamGorengMcD campaign. What stood out about this launch is the combination of excellent video creative and masterful use of hashtags. 

The video creative with excellent use of sound and visual brought out the spiciness and crunchiness of the fried chicken that would send most people drooling just watching it.

The campaign also used creative hashtags and Tweet using 2 different languages to capture the big audience groups. The brand was also clever to leverage on an organic hashtag that had gone viral before: #AyamGorengViral, by setting a promoted trend using this hashtag and make it work harder for the launch. 

The campaign was a celebration of the McDonald’s fried chicken and creativity, making people drool and getting them talking at the same time!

Best Connection to Culture

Twitter is what’s happening in the world, and leading brands connect with people by aligning with passions that people care about. To celebrate Malaysia’s independence day, Axiata remembered Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia’s Father of Independence) with the #TrueStoriesofTunku campaign.

The emotional video spoke to the hearts of with Malaysians on Twitter and sparked conversations surrounding the hashtags #TrueStoriesofTunku & #LegasiTunku. As people took to Twitter to share their feelings and hopes for the nation, the campaign helped Axiata to connect with a passionate, leaned-in audience on Malaysia’s Independence Day.

Best #OnlyonTwitter 

This is not a specific campaign but rather a consistent performance by Netflix Malaysia where they were able to connect with the leaned-in Twitter audience by leveraging on their brand voice, and an #OnlyonTwitter conversation style.

Before Netflix launched the @NetflixMY handle on Twitter 5 years ago, the brand leveraged on its regional handle (@NetflixAsia) with no local personality and nuance. With a brand voice workshop and a little help from Twitter creative team, @NetflixMY found their brand voice on Twitter by leaning in to their fans, listening to their passions and speaking their language. 

Fast forward to 2020, @NetflixMY has nailed their Twitter persona. By being a “”Best Friend”” to their fans, they’ve continually provided fans a source of relief in their humourous and quirky tweets, yet still staying true to being your trusted movie recommendation engine.

From adding local context and cultural understanding to every Tweet to leveraging on local hashtags such as #SenduSaturday or #TehTarikThursdays, Netflix Malaysia manages to use Twitter as its creative canvas, consistently connecting to Trends on Twitter and providing recommendations to the passionate community of 125k followers/fans/best friends.

“In this time of upheaval, there was no rule book to go by, or tried and tested method to keep audiences engaged. Instead, brands and marketers have had to roll with the punches and learn as the year evolved. This meant really listening to and connecting with their communities, before reaching out in an authentic and genuine way. We’ve been humbled and inspired by how brands throughout the region have leveraged Twitter to tap into conversations and cultural moments. And as we look to the New Year, it’s clear that community building will only increase in importance,” said Arvinder Gujral, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, at Twitter.

These award winners have shown that great campaigns may start with a creative idea and be propelled with a strategic Tweet or more. Perhaps, making meaningful connections with audiences is also the way to go for brands as the world enters 2021. To the brands who carried on and stood out victorious, Tweet on! 

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