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12.12 Sale: The Most Wanted Items For Christmas & Their Price Drop Predictions

Christmas and gift-giving are an innate part of the true Filipino spirit.

The big question lies – will Christmas be written off this year? 

Not quite. Aside from the anecdotal observation that Filipinos are already starting to gather outside, a previous study shows that Hari Raya (the biggest Muslim holiday) was still celebrated nationwide in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, where families gathered on a smaller scale or celebrated via video calls. Gift-giving was still very much a big thing as people sent gifts via online deliveries. 

Besides, Christmas and gift-giving are an innate part of the true Filipino spirit. 

Given this, iPrice found out which items will likely make it to people’s Christmas shopping list during the online 12.12 sale based on their platform’s Google impressions. And the results are interesting. 

Wants & Practical Items

During the first half of 2020, fashion e-commerce sites were falling out of favor across Southeast Asia, so it’s very interesting how clothing items are one of the top searches lately. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that people are starting to go outside their homes already. Hence, they are beginning to dress to impress. 

Practical products like appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, etc.), beds, and formula milk are also being scouted for. These household items may come in handy at a discounted price as other more wary people are still spending a lot of time indoors. 

COVID Trends: Hobbies & Electronics 

iPrice has already informed us of the bicycle trend that’s been going on in the country since June, but apparently, painting, playing the Nintendo Switch, and outdoor gardening are also fads. 

Paint supplies, the Nintendo Switch, and outdoor gardening generators are in the top searches during the period before 12.12. Looks like Filipinos are picking up new hobbies due to the coronavirus. 

Another trend that has been going on all year is how electronic items are more sought after this year more than ever in the Philippines. As other e-commerce sites’ web traffic may have gone down, electronics e-commerce sites’ web traffic increased by 59% comparing the first half of 2020 to last year’s. 

Hence, it’s no surprise that laptops and especially smartphones are two of the most-desired products this year. Now, more than ever, people rely on gadgets. There is no better year to suit up your gadgets than this year. 

Thus, iPrice has given us an early Christmas present by gathering data on how much specific smartphones’ prices will potentially drop in 12.12. They obtained this data by comparing the average prices of these phones from a period before 11.11 and during 11.11.

iPhone SE’s Predicted Price Drop: 40%

Apple has finally released a phone that is very affordable. People don’t have to skimp out by purchasing older models that can barely keep up with the new iOS to own a user-friendly Apple smartphone. We’re in luck because the iPhone SE may potentially see a 40% price drop during the year end sale as it did during the 11.11. From an average price of Php12.4k, it can drop to as low as Php7.4k during this sale. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Predicted Price Drop: 35%

The multi-camera, all-in-one smartphone of your dreams may be more affordable this upcoming 12.12 sale. Last 11.11, it reached up to a 35% price drop, from an average price of Php 37.6k to Php 24.5k. We may potentially expect a similar price drop this 12.12. 

Vivo X5 Pro’s Predicted Price Drop: 12%

For cheaper Android alternatives, the Vivo X5 Pro is a smart choice (pun intended). This slim, easy-to-fit smartphone’s price may drop to as low as 12% during the 12.12 sale, as its average price decreased from Php 20.7k to 18.3k during the 11.11 sale. 

Oppo Reno 2’s Predicted Price Drop: 9%

The Oppo Reno series is arguably one of the most popular from the brand. The Oppo Reno 2 may experience a 9% discount during the 12.12 sale, as it did during the previous yearend sale. 9% may seem low, but a discount is still a discount! From the average price of Php 18.3k to 16.6k; that’s about Php 1.7k worth of savings.

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