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Looking Towards 2021 And Beyond

With the pandemic, we have seen a re-resurgence in social selling

Written by Jacques Erasmus MD Idea Foundry & Clayton McCoy Strategy Director Idea Foundry

How has the pandemic changed the market? 

We think many brands need to ask themselves in light of what has happened and the impact and economic devastation that has been caused is their proposition still suitable for their consumers? Brands need to take a hard look at it and redefine their proposition to suit this changing world we all find ourselves in now. 

What do brands need to consider when planning for 2021? 

Of course, the world around us shifted significantly and we see this impacting brand planning in multiple ways into 2021 and beyond – here are a few things that we anticipate marketers need to consider when planning for 2021. 

• Delivering societal value. 

Consumers look to brands to inform their identities and the world around them. They look to brands to play a role in supporting them through difficult times. Adding value to peoples’ lives and contributing to societal challenges beyond fleeting instant gratification is likely to build long-term connections while also leverage short-term sentiment and opportunity. If we were in an age of purpose-led branding, we’re fast approaching an era of ‘walk the talk now please‘. 

• Brand ‘take out’. 

The fear of infection and germs, in general, will not subside anytime soon. The home will remain in a comfort zone. Being able to deliver brand experiences or products into the home – whether by fibre, delivery bike, or pigeon if you have to – there is a massive growth opportunity in the near to medium term. 

• Deliver experience value beyond 

What will your value-add be? It must go beyond the normal % discounts and 2-for-1  special. There needs to be a cohesive experience that will add value to the consumer’s day or their lives. 

• Get to the heart 

Understand how your consumer has transformed and changed throughout this very  difficult period we all have all found ourselves in and having to change and adapt 

What are key areas of interest and/or change that brands need to keep an eye on, going into 2021? 

With the pandemic, we have seen a re-resurgence in social selling especially coming from the East and we expect it to take hold in Africa during 2021. With the recent partnership announcement that Shopify and TikTok are partnering up, this will just make social selling even easier especially for small online store owners and really start fueling this social selling trend we see coming.

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