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Top 6 Google My Business Features for Every Local Business

With Google My Business, you can cash in on local searches

Google My Business platform is the latest service platform by Google to control your online business presence in Google Maps and local Google search engine results. It showcases real businesses at the top of their search results.

With this platform, you can add contact information, showcase pictures, and interact directly with potential customers. Having a website is no longer enough to have a significant online presence. With Google My Business, you can respond to customer reviews and manage your online reputation effectively.

The power of Google My Business enhances your customer’s trust factor, but end-users prefer to interact with local businesses online through this medium because of its efficiency. It serves as a portfolio for any business hub to increase customer expansion and take a step forward to cash upon more ROI.

To optimize your listing as soon as possible, you will have to master the platform and get your business’s best results. We’ll show you the top 6 Google My Business Features that you can implement and control your business listing.

1. Welcome offers

To gain new customers and keep your existing customers in the loop, Google My Business provides features to share welcome offers with all your customers. It’s a great way to entice your new customers or your existing loyal customers with this approach. A consumer can receive automatic offers that get saved in the Offers Folder, and this works as a ploy to generate more sales.

2. Request a Quote 

Local Businesses can also connect with their consumers with a quick sale, enabling you to enter your messaging section and navigate with your customers. There is an additional feature wherein customers can directly ask or request a local businesses’ quote for their products and services. A company can instantly review and reply to their consumers quickly from their Google My Business App.

3. Q&A

Google My Business platform also has a unique feature where customers can directly ask every local business about their products and services. Google’s Q and A sections have allowed them to enquire on a range of queries with a nonsensical single word comment. To review them and respond to their queries, you need to log in to the Google Maps app, and if there are any non-legitimate comments or complaints, you can flag them too. Local Businesses can seed frequently asked questions through Google My Business and provide a consistent answer to everyone who sees the listing.

4. Book an Appointment

Google My Business app also takes users or consumers directly to the landing page to book an appointment. This great feature provides ease for customers who can directly interact and book as per their convenience schedules rather than holding on to calls. These appointment URLs can be used for any local business, from senior care communities to law firms to restaurants. Entrepreneurs who are considering optimizing their business on Google My Business can boost their local SEO efforts as digital marketers are also approving this proven, tried & tested way to generate customers & keep the ROI at the peak.

5. Descriptions

With the help of Google, My Business google has re-launched visible business descriptions within the business listing. To give a visible element to the description, marketers give access to many nice things. It also includes a 750-character description for the business to provide a unique paragraph describing the brand and what you sell.

6. Google Posts

Within the Google My Business platform, you can also share your latest product release, upcoming event, or announcement. It is enabled with Google posts that include images and text displayed in your listing. Access the Google My Business dashboard and click on “posts” to create a new post for your business, as required.

In this competitive generation, it’s a rather big deal to maintain your online reputation as it is a cornerstone of digital marketing. Creating and optimizing a Google My Business listing might seem like a challenge, but the payoff is worth it. With local searches having become a qualified step in the buyer’s journey, a professional cover photo, essential business information, and positive customer reviews need the time to promote your business and take your business to new heights. So, don’t miss out on your potential customers, and with Google My Business, cash in on local searches.

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Hardik Oza is an SEO practitioner with more than 9 years of experience. He helps companies to grow their businesses. He shares his thoughts on additional publications like SEMrush, Search Engine People, and Social Media Today. Follow him on Twitter.

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