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Increase engagements On Your Email Marketing Campaign Using These Five Easy Steps

These five simple steps to help you generate emails faster

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When it comes to writing an email, there’s one thing that matters most. 


And it’s where majority of your time will be spent if you want to have a good result with your email campaigns. 

You’d have to research your product or your niche so you could come up with relevant and timely stories that you can add on your emails. 

There’s an easier way. 

Most of the big brands in the industry today are using these strategies.

So if you’re still looking for ways to improve your email marketing, this article is for you. 

I am convinced if you use this, you’ll never run out of ideas writing your emails. 

I put together these five simple steps to help you generate emails faster. 

So you could spend more time with your family and focus on things that matters for your business. 

Here we go. 

1. Use Google Site Query 

Using Google’s site query will make your research faster.

You can use Google site query by keying this shortcut into the type bar: 

site:website space your niche 

Example site: www.reddit.com gym 

You can use this shortcut to narrow down your research and to look for relevant topics related to your product or niche. 

Here are some of the popular sites that you can visit using the site query: 

  1. www.vox.com 
  2. www.digg.com (great source of subject lines) www.medium.com 
  3. www.reddit.com
  4. www.quora.com 
  5. www.humansofnewyork.com (great source of stories) 
  6. www.theonion.com (if you want to add humor on your emails) 

2.Use Google Alert 

Be the first to know if there’s a new and interesting content that’s related to your client’s product or niche. 

According to Google: 

“Google Alerts supplies new and current results, which often trump the top results from a standard Google search, and they collect non-traditional sources that will make you more deeply connected and knowledgeable.” 

Check it today. And set up some alerts that are relevant to your target market.

3. Use your site’s FAQ. 

I call this the sleeper. 

Why? Because Frequently Ask Question or FAQ Section is often ignored. But it can be a great source of email content. 

Instead of directly giving your FAQ link to your subscribers. Which they often ignored because no one reads a lengthy FAQ. Unless a customer encountered a problem with their order. 

To put it nicely, only three people read FAQ:

  1. The Person who wrote it 
  2. The Person who reviewed and approved it
  3. The Irritated Customer

Now, check the FAQ on your site. Do you believe your subscribers will read all this information? 

I’m guessing it’s a NO. 

But …. 

If you can expound on each question on your email, your subscribers will love you. It can even make them understand, trust and become loyal to your brand. 

Let’s say there’s 10 FAQ on your site. 

You can turn those FAQ into 10 email series or spread these 10 emails for the entire month. 

You can even repurpose the same email if you run out of ideas. All you have to do is change the angle of the question.

But don’t state the obvious. Play along with it. Make it enticing. 

Here’s an example: 

“Yesterday, I received an email from Bob saying, 

I really like your shoes. But before I make any purchase, how do I find my shoe size? (Example of an e-commerce store’s FAQ) I asked this because I always get the wrong size whenever I order online. But I love your shoes. So I want to give it a try. Hope you could answer my question. 

I believe that’s the same concern that you have right now ….” 

Or you can say … 

Customers were satisfied with the efficiency of our delivery, especially during the pandemic.

Like what Matthew stated on his email after he made a purchase. 

My order arrived this morning. I didn’t expect it to be this fast. (Addressing the concern about delivery time.) I’m really happy. Thank you. I also love the shoe. It fits perfectly.” 

4. Use bullets 

No, not the one that you’re thinking right now. It’s bullet points from an article like this example below: 5 Simple Tips for Fitness Success. 

Use these five tips to come up with five email series, like what you did with FAQ. You need to expound on each of the five tips given in this article.

Dig deeper on each point mentioned. Add more value and then tie it to your product or your offer. Or give your offer on the fifth email. 

You have total control. 

You can also use open loops so they will keep on anticipating your next email. 

And the last but not the least… 

5. Use your own story 

If you can use the product you’re selling. Great. 

But if not, order similar products and write about your experience using them.

Your email will be authentic, and your subscribers could easily relate to you. 

Like if you sell bicycle parts or cycling gear. 

Go out and ride a bike. Observe the people, the cars passing by, the weather, the scenery or the experience of sitting and pedalling a bike. 

Put it on your email. 

It will be easier for you to write the benefits or why they need to have what you’re selling in your email. 

If you can’t go and try this product that you’re selling. 

Go and check reviews of similar products on Amazon. The negative reviews are worth reading.

That’s all. 

Applying these easy and simple steps into your email marketing strategy will make your job easier. If done right, you’ll see higher engagement and increase in conversion on your email. 

Using these strategies will add more flavor to your email. 

For aspiring freelancers who want to pursue email marketing. These steps could give you a head start when researching for your target market. 

You can use these steps to understand your target market. So you can write emails for them or create content that you can post on your social media account.

So when the right client comes. You already have a boatload of ideas and emails that you can use on the spot. You won’t even need a template.

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Fred Mosquida is an email copywriter who helps e-commerce businesses with their email marketing campaigns and set up their automated email flows. He has been helping online retailers sell their bike accessories, crystals, socks, supplements, makeup, apparel, kitchenware, home appliances, and a wide variety of other products using Klaviyo for the past 3 years. Fred also teaches at events and in several provinces in the Philippines about the opportunity of working online. According to Fred, the Internet isn't just for viewing videos on YouTube and playing online games. He believes that anyone with basic Internet skills has equal income opportunities. You can connect with Fred on LinkedIn.

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