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The Gift Of Surrender – How Surrendering Can Help You Land A Job

My best advice to those looking for a job, set your intentions clearly and remember to let go

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I love taking control of my life, with detailed plans from A to Z on what I want and how to get there because I believe that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

I know most women can relate because being in control and knowing every detail is what keeps a woman sane.

I know planning is good, it helps me organize and achieve what many others say is impossible but there is so much pain and frustration when things are not happening as I expect them to be.

My Story

I want to share my story and save you from the pains I have been through because there are many days I felt depleted, demotivated and disappointed when my plans do not happen.

Leaving corporate seemed to be the best solution for me when I experienced burnout in 2014 but I experienced depression 3 months after leaving my 16+ year corporate career.

I learned that there is also a lot of magic and miracle when I learned to surrender.

Surrendering to me means setting intentions clearly, making plans to get it done but letting go of the control and detachment to the outcome, allowing how and when it will be given to me.

It means taking persistent action and giving a meaning to NO as “next opportunity”.

Surrendering means letting go of the need to rearrange every detail of my life and allowing God to work His ways in God’s best version and timing.

How Surrendering Helped Me Land A Job In 8 Days 

After experiencing stay at home depression, I built a business that I love in 2017 – Caltan Training and Consultancy. 

My training and coaching business was working well because I broke boundaries and passed the tedious accreditations by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Central Bank of the Philippines.

I thought I had it all figured out but an earthquake and an attempted robbery in our apartment that happened on the same day in April 2018 pushed our family to leave our home country and move back to Dubai, our second home for the last 10 years.

Going back to Dubai means I had to go back to work so our family can settle and get a visa.

 I was resisting the idea first because I want to focus on flourishing the business I just started.  Our family and friends also advise us that the Dubai economy is not as good compared to before so finding a job maybe challenging.

I stepped back and recalibrated my purpose and intentions and surrendered what I am going through. In my prayer, I said, “God if this for me and if going back to Dubai is your will for our family, let thy will be done”. 

Our family went to Dubai for a vacation in June 2019 and what we have in mind is that if coming back is for us, we will find a job and settle everything in July before school starts in August. 

I was frustrated when I came because I submitted many applications, but nobody even sent me a message or called me back. My previous employer froze hiring so I had no chances of coming back.

 It was tough to surrender but I said in my prayer” God, if coming back to corporate is your will, nothing and no one can stop it, let thy will be done”.

I learned that when I continuously let go of the need to be in control, ideas came to me of who to ask and what I need to do to get a job. 

I asked a friend who told me about a job vacancy. The application was closed but the interview was ongoing, so I courageously sent an email to the hiring manager to introduce myself. 

Magically, from the moment I sent an email, to the interview and to the day I got hired is only 8 days.

It was all a miracle, from having no calls and no message to landing a job in 8 days.

How Surrendering Can Help You Land A Job

Maybe you lost your job, or you are at the risk of losing it. Here is what you can do to use the power of surrender to land your job. 

This worked for me and helped my client land a job in 2 months even during the pandemic. Grab a big paper and write the following:

  1. Write your dream job clearly – the industry, salary, timing, location, people you want to work with, position, roles and responsibilities, etc.
  2. Write the blocks and negative thoughts that you can think of why you cannot get your dream job – your negative beliefs and thoughts about the industry, the economy, your age, your doubts, negative experiences, anxieties and worries.
  3. Write a prayer of surrender to God on what you ask for in (step 1), letting go of your negative beliefs (step2) and allowing God to work His ways so that his perfect plans for you can happen. 

When you are done writing, say a prayer from your heart and tear the paper as a sign of release.

My best advice to those looking for a job, set your intentions clearly and remember to let go and let God work His ways because that is when magic and miracles happen.

If you want to discover more about the power of surrender, watch my video interview now with Daniel Bruce Levin.  In this video, we spoke about planning, control, surrender, goal setting, life visioning, self-doubt, and many more.

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Wanda Calupig
Written By

Wanda is the Founder of Working Moms Academy. She is on a mission to help stressed and burnt-out working moms find balance and bliss, redefine and take action so moms can "have it all” - personal and professional success. Connect with her on LinkedIn, book her for a coaching call or email her at caltantraining@gmail.com.

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