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Smart Hand Sanitiser Device Dispenses Contextual Advertising: Danendra Leverages LMX Adtech Stack Across Their Network Of Automatic Sanitiser Dispensers In Indonesia

Indonesia’s large and relatively young population, coupled with a fast-growing middle class and high levels of consumer confidence, has been a key driver of expansion in retail and e-commerce

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Location Media Xchange (LMX), the independent media supply-focussed arm of Moving Walls Group partners up exclusively with PT. Danendra Abyudaya Adika (DAA) one of Indonesia’s most trusted suppliers of Innovative medical equipment Indonesia to equip their Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers with contextual ad-serving capabilities.

Covid-19 has awakened a digital transformation among retailers across the globe. Supply chains have faced disruptions with a heavier reliance on online shopping, contactless services, and heavy app-usage for on-demand delivery, retailers are turning to effective outlets to automate sales while reducing fixed overheads. 2020 Global Ad Spends Reports from PubMatic predicted that programmatic digital ad spends in Indonesia would grow to exceed $500 million (around Rp6.8 trillion) in 2020. 

Danendra’s dispensers are equipped with digital signage screens that can be programmed to serve advertising content to moving audiences. LMX will equip these sites with audience measurement, dynamic ad-serving, and programmatic buying capabilities. With this in place, advertisers will be able to extend the reach of their digital campaigns to similar audiences seen to come into the proximity of Danendra’s screens. 

Transacting The Way Digital Does In The Outernet

Indonesia’s large and relatively young population, coupled with a fast-growing middle class and high levels of consumer confidence, has been a key driver of expansion in retail and e-commerce. Though there has been huge growth in E-commerce platforms, majority of the consumers in Indonesia still prefer to shop in big retails, minimarts and traditional warungs, where these outlets still dominate the market. 

DAA has already equipped 50 of its screens with LMX’s technology in Supermarkets, Hypermarts, Brastagi and Hokky’s across greater Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and Pekanbaru with plans in place to expand to over 10,000 other minimarts and retail outlets like Alfamarts, Indomaret and Lotte Mart across the Country. 

“As part of the New Normal, hand sanitisers and masks have become a basic necessity while people are on the move. The partnership between LMX and Danendra provides a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach the right audiences at the right moments. Internet Advertising has grown into a 300 Billion dollar industry because it delivers addressable audiences. By making audiences around smart dispensers addressable, the LMX platform has made consumer service a profitable exercise for Danendra” says Srikanth Ramachandran, Group CEO of Moving Walls. 
Frida Tumakaka, Director of Danendra points out “We are one of the most trusted manufacturers of medical devices in Indonesia. While we provide touchless hand sanitizer dispensing for the comfort of our customers, we believe partnering with LMX is not only an opportunity to commercialise our screens but to serve contextual content for a unique interactive customer experience across all our locations.

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Moving Walls is a media technology group with a presence across four continents and seven markets. The Company operates Moving Audiences, a patented multi-sensor approach to location-based media measurement. Location Media Xchange (LMX) is a subsidiary of the Moving Walls Group.

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