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LinkedIn Stories: 5 Ways To Level Up Your Content Strategy

LinkedIn stories are here, and everyone is figuring out the best ways to use this feature and grow their business.

LinkedIn stories are here, and everyone is figuring out the best ways to use this feature and grow their business. And if you aren’t already, then this article will set you up for success with stories. You would have created or consumed stories on other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. And recently, we’ve seen LinkedIn rolling it out as well. 

You may be wondering: is it the same as other platforms? Well, it’s the same in the sense that it’s 24-hour content and allows you to share images and 20-second videos. But it’s different because your audience on LinkedIn is different, and the platform has a professional vibe.

By this, I don’t mean you can’t put a human touch to your content; instead, make it relevant for your audience on the platform. Before we see the top 5 ways you can use LinkedIn stories, let’s learn how your business can benefit from it.

Why LinkedIn Stories?

Stories are a great way to bring in a fresh wave of content and engage with your audience. Along with that, our aim here is to deepen your bond with your audience and instill trust.

Here are a few more benefits of using LinkedIn stories:

  1. Stay connected to your audience by sharing the latest updates.
  2. Build relation by giving a sneak peek or igniting conversation.
  3. Build brand awareness.
  4. Distribute content and catch more eyeballs.
  5. Stay on top of the mind of your audience.
  6. Break the monotony of posts and introduce creative content.

Now that we know a few benefits, let’s take a look at ways to create content to help you kick start on the right foot.

But, don’t consider this as a set of only content ideas, rather a starting point.

5 Ways to Create Linkedin Stories

  1. Behind the Scenes Snippets

Giving a sneak peek of your day to day life will make more people connect to your business and trust you. After all, people do business with people they trust and like. This could include a snippet from your conversation, or a team meeting, or team activities. 

You can also go a step further and show a process or the latest update on your product or service. Sure, you will not share any confidential information, but a little peek goes a long way.

  1. Updates and News

Stories are a great way to share your progress, update, and new initiatives in your business. Depending on what’s best for your brand, you can share your current project or client testimonial. Some may argue this is self-promotion. 

There’s nothing wrong with it because you’re not bragging about yourself; instead, you’re sharing your progress with your audience, which makes them trust you more. Furthermore, when people see other people sharing the same challenges, struggles, and victories, they connect.

  1. Tips

Who doesn’t love some quick to consume tips that make their lives better? Also, how-tos are an evergreen form of content that also showcases your authority in the niche.

People are always looking for ways to make their lives easy. And that’s when you can create simple, easy to digest LinkedIn stories that will help them get in action quickly. Remember, people will swipe across stories; to ensure they get read, make yours impactful, captivating, and engaging.

  1. Videos

LinkedIn allows you to share a 20-sec video per story, and you can create as many of them as you wish. If you’re familiar with Instagram stories, this should be easy for you. This could also be a great way to hop on a video and share a behind-the-scene or document your journey. Either way, it’s a great way to personalize your brand and converse with people. 

  1. Content Distribution

Content distribution is a crucial aspect of marketing. And stories are a great way to share your content. It could be a snippet from your blogs or articles, your posts on LinkedIn, infographics, and more. Not to forget, they can increase engagement on your profile.

Finally, What Can You Expect?

LinkedIn stories are still fresh, and there’s a broad scope of experimenting and testing what works best for you. So consider stories as a way to break the monotony of posts and talk to your audience. Deepen your bond with your audience and encourage conversations.

And now, you’re set to create your first LinkedIn story!

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Nikita Lakhiani is a copywriter and content writer who specialises in blogging, website and social media copywriting, with SEO principles at heart. She writes primarily in the B2B space and believes that words have the power to shift perspectives. Writing about content marketing, startups, entrepreneurship and freelancing interest her. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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