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How To Become Unstoppable In The World of Work

The skills needed in the workforce are going to be less about IQ and a little bit more about EQ

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The workplace and workforce are changing pretty dramatically as we look forward. AI, robotics and automation are supposedly threatening the need for human labor. But, according to reliable surveys, technology is actually creating jobs for society, rather than taking them away. In the new world of work, employees need to take more responsibility for keeping their skills relevant and up to date in order to stay relevant for the employment market. The entire concept of work is to become more flexible. The skills needed in the workforce are going to be less about IQ and a little bit more about EQ – why? Because if you think about it, a lot of IQ knowledge is available at our fingertips through hand-held devices and the computer and technologies that we have at our disposal.

Many of today’s employees are either in a career conundrum(dilemma)- perhaps their jobs aren’t aligned with their interests or they don’t feel like they’re growing, unmet career goals, perhaps they’ve burned out from their corporate job and need a fresh start. Or, even constantly dreaming about leaving the 9:5 behind because they’re bored or unhappy with the toxic environment and also fear of the uncertain future! 

Here’s the real deal. Our workplace today – unfortunately, sailing through the corporate world comes with a price to pay i.e. depression. Any given executives do go through anxieties and it’s family. That’s why, a learning and venting channel to help avoid such psychological states are crucial.

6 out 10 working adults go through depression. On experience, a major contributing factor would be working for/with a toxic boss/colleague which causes extreme stress and will lead to many types of health problems. In this article – I emphasize to look out for those narcissists in one’s workplace. Majority of my coachees stress leads to having to deal with such personalities. 

Before we fire toxic bosses/colleagues from our lives, it is also important to consider avoiding the act of “self-entitlement” at all cost. Once you have adopted and practiced the art of cancelling self-entitlement, and you still are feeling like you’re dragging yourself to work then start looking out for signs such as, 

  • They’re always right
  • They play favoritism
  • Taking credit for your work
  • You notice their interest is solely in their own career advancement
  • No ‘constructive’ feedback, only scolding with no solutions/action plans to solve the matter
  • They cut you off in meetings
  • They make inappropriate comments or gestures when you speak
  • They create conflict within the team, talk about people behind their back, putting people down in public
  • Blaming others for their mistakes
  • They use your emotional triggers to taunt you.
  • They lack integrity

What can you do? If you ask me, every single one of us has that inner strength and super powers to do what’s right. Because we all have different lifestyles, different values, purpose – what you decide it’s entirely up to you and your path. You are the author of your own book.

I do develop ‘collaborative’ coping strategies with coachees. Be bold enough to talk to your managers (with a strategic winning plan though – don’t just barge in to his door and lash out – no) or go to HR (can be tricky) or start making a plan for your next move.

On request, I have agreed to launch a ‘Corporate Crossing Boot Camp’ (Live- Highly Interactive – Online Collaborative) very soon where we will together work on how to become Unstoppable in The World of Work. I’ll generously share what is career hacking, the mindset of a hacker which can help you reboot/boost your career. Keep safe, stay strong

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Written By

Sarah is an independent Executive Coach, Mentor and Career Crossing Counselor. She coaches individuals to reflect on their whole self (work and life), and validate and define their objectives through to realization. Sarah has been a trusted Business Leader and Team Coach to a major business intelligence company known worldwide. She also maintains an active interest in start-ups through her experiences championing ground zero projects to the millions, establishing what her peers call her as the Corporate Tiger. Sarah is a passionate leader and developer of people, with 15+ years of experience- coaching executives in Africa, Middle East & Asia. Follow her on Table Talk Academy and LinkedIn.

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