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5 Things You Never Knew You Need

After we unlock one goal, we intend to set another and unlock it again

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Author, Angela Tangente

People tend to crave for more success. After we unlock one goal, we intend to set another and unlock it again. Woo! Achievement unlocks. Soon after, before we realized it, that’s how we live our life. It’s not because that’s how we wanted things to happen but most of the time it’s because of the pressure that our society puts on us. We have bigger goals that we sometimes forsake little things in our lives. There are lots of them surrounding us every day and even included in our daily scenery, but have you given thought why they do exist? The following list is what we often forsake because we’re comfortable that they’re always there and actually the things we never knew we need.  

  1. Morning coffee with your family.  Very simple. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll check your phone, browse your social media, and will stay in bed for a couple of minutes. You’ll get up, freshen up and will prepare for another busy day ahead and that’s how we spent our busy day in the city, right? But isn’t it great to take a break for a while? Do the same routine, wake up early in the morning but this time grab your coffee with your family. Talk small things with them, share with them how your life is going and ask how theirs. You will discover more things. Laugh with them like you usually did as a kid. Those things are free yet not everyone has an opportunity to have it, so treasure them dearly. 
  1. Late night talks with your friends and pets. Admit it or not, there are things that you can’t share with your family but have no problem with friends and that’s fine. Talking with them sometimes gives refreshment in your mind. There are times that they tend not to give proper solutions, but their outrageous suggestions or ideas are helpful. They’ll always allow you to picture out the other side of the story and that’s amazing, because that’s how friends should be. Sharing secrets and beliefs with them are the best but have you done it so often? And yes, you read it right! Late night talk with your pets. Sounds funny right? But with their gentleness and kindness, and even if they couldn’t talk back, talking with them somehow brings relief and that’s perfect. Being with them is one of the greatest moments in our lives. Sometimes, we’re too busy proving ourselves to become a fine adult that we forget to treasure the small things around us which plays a big part in our lives. 
  1. Taking care of your health‘Health is Wealth’ everyone’s familiar about this old but gold saying. Being young, we take our body for granted. We sometimes skip meals, stay late at night, and keep working as if it’s our last. For what? Of course, to achieve our lifelong dream, to get that promotion and to advance our career. That motivation isn’t bad at all, in fact that is great to move forward. But how could you enjoy the fruit of your labor if your carelessness will demand payment in the future? So, take it slowly and easy yet surely. You will reach your goal in perfect time. 
  1. Slack off once in a while. Sounds negative? Well, there are times that life’s harsh towards us, right? Those times are the toughest moments we will encounter in our entire life. We’re humans and it’s normal for us to get fed up and get tired. So, instead of continuing to worry ourselves with the pressure of our society, slacking off once in a while isn’t bad at all. You’re not neglecting your life or running away from your responsibility rather; you’re just living your life. Step back once in a while and observe from there what are the things you’ve been missing out and what are the things you’re doing in a rush. Taking a break once in a while is a must. 
  1. Waking up every morning. And among the list. this one is the most important thing in this world. That fact that you open your eyes for another day means you have another opportunity to pursue your dreams, change your bad habits and a chance to change for the better. Everyday is another day so cherish it. Sometimes, it might not be your perfect day, but you got to learn from it and that’s fine. It’s not that every day is your worst after all. 

Sometimes, it’s more difficult to move forward in this journey especially when the time comes that you finally decide to enjoy your life more but realize it’s too late. We only have one chance and we must use it properly. Slowly, while we’re pursuing our dreams and our goals in life, let’s also cherish those simple and usual things around us. Remember, let’s not push ourselves to be perfect and learn to rely on our loved ones. Make memories with them because at the end of the day, those sweet, unforgettable, and irreplaceable moments always matter. 

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