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The 5S When Choosing A Good Interior Designer

If this is your first time engaging an ID firm, here are some pointers

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To many people, a house is one of the biggest investments in our lifetime. Thus, we would spare no effort, yet not spend a bomb, to design the place which we call home. With some months away in getting your home keys, the next step would be to source for an interior design (ID) company (if you do not want to DIY the design of your house). If this is your first time engaging an ID firm, here are some pointers shared with The Digital-Co. by an experienced industry practitioner, Mr Jason Phui, director of ID company, Twelve Design Studio Pte Ltd. 

  1. Stylish

Some of us may already have some ideas in mind when it comes to designing our homes. These ideas may be from places which we have visited overseas or from homes of others. Regardless of the design, one thing is certain, that is we all want our homes to be stylish and unconventional. Check with your designer to see if he can deliver that special touch that you envisioned in your home.

  1. Sincerity

Your chosen interior designer is going to communicate closely with you in the next few months. As such, you would want to choose one which you think would be able to click well with you and/or spouse. Your home is going to be a place which you would spend a long time, especially so in this pandemic situation where most people would be working from home. To build a place so close to your heart, your chosen designer would need to be one who come across as sincere, credible, honest and down-to-earth, not a salesperson just trying to close yet another deal.

  1. Site supervision 

Is your designer willing to roll up the sleeves and get down to the ground to ensure everything goes smoothly? He would need to be personally at the site regularly and oversee your project to ensure the work is properly executed on the ground, as well as monitor the progress closely. Should there be any unexpected issue, a responsible designer would be willing to go out of the way to assist in resolving the problem.

  1. Spending plan

If you have indicated your budget upfront, your designer should make the best out of it and not try to upsell you stuff that you do not want. A spending plan would also mean that your designer should be sticking to the timeline according to what has been agreed and liaise with you closely if there is any delay.

  1. Special mention

Before reaching your final decision, you could check out the company’s customer reviews and see if past customers gave special mention to the company’s work. You would want a trustworthy ID firm with good credentials and testimonials to ensure they have consistently delivered notable results to a variety of customers.

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