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Indofun Games Uses Audience Segmentation To Increase Profits And Improve Conversion Rates By 30%

To date, the games publisher has generated over 10 million downloads

New case study demonstrates how leading Indonesian gaming company uses Adjust’s Audience Builder tool to segment users and identify top sources for high performing campaigns

Adjust, the global app marketing platform, recently released a case study with leading gaming publisher Indofun Games that demonstrates the impact of audience segmentation to boost profits. By identifying top sources for high performing campaigns, Indofun Games increased conversion rates by a huge 30%. 

Established in 2015, Indofun Games has now launched more than 20 mobile games. To date, the games publisher has generated over 10 million downloads – making it one of the leading gaming companies in Indonesia. Indofun Games’ monetization strategy relies heavily on in-app purchases, and with users predicted to spend an estimated $380 billion worldwide on in-app purchases in 2020, the company was looking to attract more high-spending users, nicknamed ”whales”, to their games. Whales are precious users because of their frequent purchases, making up the majority of in-game revenue generated.

Indofun Games was looking for a solution that could pinpoint these core users and ultimately increase their revenues by attracting more ad whales to their games. To do this, the gaming company analyzed user behavior from high-spending users and then created look-a-like audiences for new user acquisition targeting via Adjust’s Audience Builder. As a esult, Indofun not only increased conversion rates but also increased the number of whales within their games by five.

These granular, detailed insights on high-spending users and their characteristics enables marketers to optimize user acquisition campaigns and drive ROI more effectively. By segmenting users and creating look-a-like audiences, Indofun Games was able to achieve higher conversion rates and allocate their budgets more efficiently”, commented April Tayson, Director SEA at Adjust. 

With Adjust, we are able to spend our marketing budgets much more efficiently. We can see which sources are delivering quality users so we know where to reinvest our marketing spend, and we can really target our spending on the audiences we create with Audience Builder”, added Haekhel Fachrialdy, Digital Marketing Manager at Indofun Games. 

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