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3 Things You Must Know Before Taking The CompTIA Network+ Training Course

It’s recommended that you get the A+ and then the Network+ certification or opt for a combined course.

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Author, Kristen Smith

Did you know that the CompTIA Network+ certificate courses are the most preferred certifications? It is meant for IT professionals who want a rewarding career in the industry. When you have the certification, it demonstrates that you have the required skills in maintaining, handling, configuring, and troubleshooting of fundamental network infrastructures. It’s recommended that you get the A+ and then the Network+ certification or opt for a combined course. 

According to an article published on Mashable, the CompTIA certifications, according to government bodies to Fortune 500 companies, are the best certifications, gold standard, to be candid. Here are the three things you must know before taking the Network+ course: 

1. Why Network+ hard to master 

To be candid, mastering Network+ is challenging if you learn the same yourself, costing much of your effort and time. The difficulties will get tougher if you hail from a non-IT background. So if you are not familiar with the IT industry courses, take appropriate guidance to prepare for the exam. 

Again, you will find loads of study materials related to CompTIA Network+ including books, blogs, and online courses. You will need to study these if you are a beginner in this field. Then, not all study materials are good, and therefore, you need to choose the right books and course materials to gain relevant information. 

Many students pay more heed to individual topics in the course materials instead of covering the entire curriculum. It is one of the reasons for failure. Did you know that the CompTIA Network+would not test you whether you know a specific aspect of networking, but the training course will test your networking basic over an array of subjects? Therefore, cover all topics initially and then do a detailed study. 

2. The time needed to master Network+

When you have all the resources, study materials, and tools to prepare for the test, your job is to answer all questions correctly. The time you will take to learn Network+ depends on how you approach the course and your learning abilities, implying how fast you can learn new things. 

Then, if you have no IT background and starting from scratch and sans any networking knowledge, you will need at least six months provided you spend two hours studying the materials every day. On the contrary, if you are an experienced IT professional, you will learn faster and prepare well for the exam. That does not mean non-IT students cannot learn CompTIA Network+. 

3. Learn what kind of learner you’re

First, figure out what kind of learner you’re. It means each of us studies in a different way, few people write notes, some use flashcards, and while others study in silence. You may master new things very well if you read earnestly to help you gain knowledge. Some even read aloud or study in a group explaining networking concepts to someone. You need to determine what works best for your preparation needs. 


Keep these aspects in mind when taking the CompTIA Network+ exam. Study well, go through the entire course, and you will succeed.

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