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5 Brands With Perfect Marketing Content

Let’s see what they did to become giants in their fields of business.

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In the era of digital marketing, understanding what kind of strategy will bring you a lot of customers and which will fail is extremely important. However, if you are new to the world of online advertising and do not know what to do exactly to make your business get on top of the competition, the experience of successful brands can be valuable. With this in mind, we created a list of five companies that got famous with the help of excellent marketing strategies and content. Let’s see what they did to become giants in their fields of business.


Canva is one of the most popular tools for students, content creators, and bloggers that helps to combine visuals and texts to create amusing content. It was launched in 2012 in Australia and now it has millions of users all over the world. The capitalization of the company reached $1,000,000 in 2018, and you can see why below.

The marketing strategy of the company was to offer a product that will speak for itself. People need Canva to create icons, logos, charts, etc. and use its free and premium templates helping them become popular. Thus, content created by users of Canva makes the service popular and widely used all over the world. To attract even more customers, Canva offers free templates for education, so students can use them and spread the word about the service too.

As you can see, the strategy of making user-generated content promote the tool was successful and helped Canva to become popular without direct investment into marketing.

Orbit Media

A web-development company from Chicago that you probably have not heard of, Orbit Media Studios is an example of how it is possible to get popular by creating great content. This agency managed to collect about 60,000 views in a month by publishing exclusive and in-depth guides and posts with the minimum advertising. The secret of their popularity is conducting surveys, doing broad research, and combining it all into engaging articles. To strengthen its brand recognition, Orbit Media Studios marketers participate in public talks and collaborate with other people and businesses to create podcasts. All these activities bring new clients to the company and boost their income.


An online grammar-checking and plagiarism-detecting instrument was launched by Ukrainian developers in 2009 to help people of different paths of life to write better. Whether you are an essay writer or business owner, you can benefit from writing service a lot: the company offers not only help in creating better emails, essays, and reports but also educates its users. The marketing strategy of Grammarly was to give knowledge to its users apart from correcting their occasional mistakes in writing. Hence, they provide an explanation of every error you make in your text and send out weekly reports of your progress so that you could look at them and improve your grammar skills even more.

Mainly, Grammarly makes money from selling its premium subscription. It is widely used by freelance authors of essay services and students from all over the world. Once you try their service, you cannot resist upgrading your profile to get the most out of the tool. As the company does its job perfectly, we can consider it one of the best cheap writing services in the world.


The community of professionals and influencers of all spheres of expertise originally started as a video channel where you could find some of the most inspirational speeches on almost any topic. The first records appeared in the summer 2006, and by September of the same year, they already collected a million views. Now, TED has about 18 million subscribers on their Youtube channel and you are likely to wonder how they made it.

The brand gained its popularity by choosing the right mission and doing the right steps to stick to it. The motto ‘Ideas worth spreading’ intrigued a lot of its potential followers and a good choice of speakers made them stay and watch a lot of records. Eventually, TED started conducting ‘TED talks’ in the form of conferences all over the world where the audience could get inspired by listening to live speeches of the most successful professionals and even communicate with them face-to-face during prepaid after-parties.


The marketing department of Ikea has always been something unprecedented. The Swedish brand of furniture and home interior items successfully targets the problems of its clients by launching unique campaigns. For instance, they once found out that their customers had to spend a lot of time driving to the Ikea stores. This is due to their locations in large city suburbs.

To make people stay interested in visiting their shops, Ikea marketers proposed the idea of buying with time: a customer needs to record their trip to the store on Google maps timeline, show it during the checkout, and get their purchases for the deducted price. While shopping, customers can see how much time each item costs and plan their money in advance. By implementing such a campaign, Ikea managed to keep people traveling from megapolises like Dubai, New York City, Madrid, and other cities to buy its products.

To sum up, becoming successful in the digital age means understanding the brand value for customers and addressing their needs first. Regardless of the sphere, a company should try to solve the problems of their clients in an unusual way, and their satisfaction will become a major driver of the brand’s popularity.

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Sam Miller is a web content writer with extensive experience in Marketing. Currently he shares his knowledge at handmadewriting.com and helps students with their college assignments.

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