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Why Companies Fail To Get Traffic From Newly Built Website

With the rapid growth of technology, many people can now create websites

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I always get this question – Why is my website not getting any conversions or visitors even though we are already established? Answer? Of course not, if nothing has been done since it has been created, unless you are a big brand like Apple! 

Many new companies believe that by creating a website and publishing online that means the end of the work to get their online presences out there, which is not quite that simple. So what are the reasons that your company website is not getting traffic, leads or conversions? Let me share. 

Website Is Not Optimised using SEO (On/Off -page methods). This is the most crucial part! Why is SEO so important for websites? SEO techniques and optimisation help you to let Google or any other search engines understand your websites better. In terms of keywords searching, example: 

Seafood Online Delivery.

If you are into seafood online delivery business, this keyword is highly competitive and if on/off-page SEO is not done, Google will not be able to understand your website through their robot crawling, and if there is also no signal from other sites that refer to your site for the term seafood online delivery – 101% your business website will not appear on google’s search engine’s first page, at all.

Website design is not mobile friendly. There are a lot of websites out there that are still outdated as they have not updated their sites for mobile responsiveness. As Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking, the number of users using mobile phones to search are rapidly growing over the years. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly or responsive, it is time for you to get it done before your competitor’s website is already doing it and optimising it.

Website is not updated with content frequently. There are tons of websites out there, and according to research, there are more than a billion websites which average out of 10 people, seven of which have a website of their own. This is huge, and with the rapid growth of technology, many people can now create websites easily without the need of coding knowledge. If your website is not up to date and has no relevant contents, Google could not recommend your website on their search results, which results in zero traffic for your website.

Website loading time is too long. For a normal user, if your website size is too huge and the loading time took more than three seconds, your bounce rate will go up, resulting in an unlikely possibility that anyone will visit your website or even know about what you are actually offering them. 

Website design is not user friendly or appealing. In some cases, your company website might not be of user-friendly design which causes confusion in users resulting in them leaving the website instantly. Many companies that are not up to date with the current trend of web design in terms of UX and UI, your website is just losing the edge of competition while your competitors are rising.

To summarise, your company website is not getting the results you want because your SEO is not optimised while your design is probably not user friendly, on top of zero updates. There’s always more to learn along the way.

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Ethan is the Founder of Digital Agency Malaysia, Nexis Novus Technology.

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