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Waze Is Ready To Reconnect People On The Road With New Look And Moods

The latest brand refresh reinforces inclusivity and connection into every journey on the road

Photo by Andre A. Xavier on Unsplash

Waze, the platform bringing together communities on and off the road, is ready to welcome people back on the roads with a refreshed brand identity and new Moods to inject even more fun into every drive. Our latest brand refresh reinforces inclusivity and connection into every journey on the road, empowering each user to share how they are feeling with the Waze community. 

Waze was founded on the simple idea that by working together, the community could solve traffic to make life on the roads better. When a Wazer hits a pothole and reports it, or when one of Waze’s volunteer Map Editors adds toll prices to the map, our shared community of drivers all benefit –  encouraging more people to participate and help make the road a less lonely place. For example in Malaysia, the community of Map Editor volunteers is helping to collect and input toll price information on Waze – enabling users to view and compare the prices while driving along tolled routes.

With so many drivers identifying with our brand and community, we want everyone on Waze to feel like they’re part of this community and to feel they can freely express themselves through our brand refresh with our evolved Waze Moods, with more clarity and hilarity than ever. Whether it’s Happy, Wild , Zombified, or anything in-between, there’s a Mood for everyone to express how they feel in traffic, in all different moments on their journey, and make people smile, even when there might not be much to smile about.

Moods being one of Waze’s most recognizable and beloved parts of its brand now enables better self expression – with evolved Moods that have even more clarity and charm than ever.

Beyond Moods, a new bold color palette reflects the joy and uniqueness of our users, and a new visual language based on roads and maps, will be seen in multiple places, including the Waze website, emails, and social channels. 

Block by block is a graphic system inspired by maps and city streets. It uses an assortment of simple, geometric shapes to provide bold, branded graphics, divide compositions, and organize information. And much like Waze itself, it does all of that while creating some playful pit stops along the way

“Waze is home to the world’s largest community of drivers, and we’ve always used the power of our people to transform the road into a happier, more humane place,” said Jake Shaw, Waze Head of Creative. “This brand refresh encapsulates that unique Waze experience visually, with a new grid format based on our map, new Moods to capture the infinite array of emotions we all feel while driving and a lively color palette that celebrates the joy that we always try to bring to the road, and the magic of our community and the way we work together for better.”

“As a crowdsourced app, Waze is incredibly vibrant and dynamic, “ said Kelvin Sim, Country Lead of Waze Malaysia “We wanted to build a strong, flexible visual identity that would support the brand and its users while allowing them to authentically express themselves and have fun. Waze is about working together to make the smoothest drive possible, but also observing and sharing the world around you.”

For more information on how we are envisioning to drive change and bring the on-road community closer together with our new look, please visit this blog post by our Head of Creative Jake Shaw.

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