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Ways Tech Companies Are Helping In Times Of Crisis

We help and enable our customers to adopt and transform their business through technology to drive real progress

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The Pandemic is not yet over, and as the Head of Marketing of a technology company like Phil-Data, I wanted to share how our company contributed in small ways to help our employees, partners, and customers cope with the crisis.

As an employer, Phil-Data, as soon as the enhanced community quarantine was announced, like other companies, we implemented a business continuity plan to operate in a skeletal workforce and work from home scheme. This tech company cares for its employees and customers, so to keep the business running while keeping our employees and customers safe, we must adapt to the new norm. Internal training was conducted to enable our team members to adopt, collaborate, learn modern technologies and strategies in keeping our jobs done while working from home, productively and securely.

As a reseller of leading global IT brands like Cisco and Microsoft, without second thoughts, we helped enable various organizations, existing customers, and non-existing to have access to free WebEx and free Teams to be able to collaborate and conduct remote meetings. 

As a business partner, we conducted a series of free enablement webinars, tips & tricks, using Cisco WebEx and Microsoft teams to our existing customers on how they can maximize their productivity and staying secure using their collaboration software while working remotely.  

As a solution provider of Cloud, Security, Digital Workplace, Networking, Server, Storage & Data Center Solutions, we delivered a security webinar to help our existing customers to secure their business against modern security threats, to ensure productive and secure remote working, and at the same time maximizing their technology investments. 

We also delivered webinars to guide our customers on how their hyper-converged infrastructures take the business beyond legacy IT by combining IT infrastructure and data services for virtualized workloads into a single hyper-converged node that speeds application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up and restores VMs in seconds. 

We also highlighted to our customers that their enterprise storage has data efficiency and availability guarantees, along with all-inclusive software, flexible consumption options, and automatic upgrades to keep pace with their business.

As a technology company, we help and enable our customers to adopt and transform their business through technology to drive real progress.

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Leylord is an experienced marketing leader in the Technology industry, a digital transformation visionary, with a degree in engineering. A certified digital marketer, he is always excited by emerging digital transformation trends, challenges, designing solutions, & always believed in data-driven decision making. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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