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Ways To Get Creative With Social Media In 2020

How To Influence Higher Traffic To Your Site

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Social media is more like a blooming flower. It keeps growing on a daily basis, with new features added every day. The main aim is to add more users and gain the top ranking. Whether you have a weakness towards Instagram or a die-hard fan of Facebook, getting creative with social media is important to add more followers under your name. If you are using social media for your business growth, then creative trends will help enhance higher traffic to your site. So, without wasting any time further, it is time to get into social media marketing tips to be followed in 2020.

Get a hashtag strategy ready for Instagram for higher fan base. Creating a proper hashtag strategy is important if you are planning to grow your fan base on Instagram. Yes, you are allowed to use around 30 hashtags in any post as its maximum limit. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it. An intentional strategy for your hashtag is important to help grow your social media platform well.

  • Experts indicate that pursuing way too many audiences at one time can easily dilute the impact of your content and diminish returns. 
  • To be on the safer side, it is recommended to aim for around 5 to 10 of the relevant hashtags, among which two to three tags need to be unique to your brand, like its name, product name, price, and more.
  • Try to create a platform where the fans would love to contribute their ideas. Once they plan to do so, invite them to submit photos for their posts’ considerations.
  • You better try to respond to comments instantly and forgo automation. If the followers get a quick response from their popular IG account, that will help them to pay more attention to the account.

Some of the social media communities. One major experience on social media is to help brands engage with one another. You can learn more about it from Gramista. Most of the time, businesses plan to share posts that they believe the audiences will like. But, they might also have to cultivate and encourage interactions, which are simpler to like or share.

  • Some brands have larger social media followings. But, if you look closely, the engagement levels they have are clearly non-existent. 
  • The brands which are getting more engagement from their followers are doing that by building communities around content.
  • However, communities are not a new concept. But brands are trying to create them in different ways. They are willing to try new methods in 2020 for better brand creations.

The world is now revolving around ephemeral content. You can get ephemeral content for a shorter time span, and it will disappear after that. You can get some best examples of such content from Snapchat and Instagram Stories. As people have shorter attention spans these days, they would like to consume those contents more, which keep on changing. That’s why Stories are becoming so popular among the masses. These Stories seem to be engaging, short, and even addictive, which will help people to spend hours scrolling through them and gain new information all the way.

Even the marketers are aiming towards this trend and will then leverage it to their advantage. As per the recent report published, around 64% of the marketers have either added IG stories into their marketing strategies or are trying to do it within a short time. Another interesting survey reports that brands are now posting stories once in four days. These points are enough to prove that Stories are getting the primary hold in terms of social media marketing these days.

The shopping based posts and IGTV. It was in the year 2019 when Instagram first started its Checkout feature. It provides online retailers with the best way to connect with their probable customers. 

  • Thanks to this feature, now users can make their purchases from Story or in-feed content without the need to leave the app. It will work with Instagram shopping and help businesses to tag around 5 of their items on every image.
  • Here, the tags will talk about the pricing, detailed features of the products, and other necessary information to help provide shoppers with a smooth path to purchase. Even the brands get the chance to create shop-able items. For creating such posts, businesses need to create an account with Facebook Shop and then link it to Instagram.
  • In 2018, Instagram came with another mind-blowing idea under IGTV. It is proven to be a hub for watching and then creating some of the long forming video content with direct connectivity to the IG platform. 
  • When it comes to IG stories, the stories will disappear after 24 hours. But, IGTV is a bit different and will be a permanent place for your videos. Here, you even have the right to record any video of around 1-hour length.
  • These IGTV videos are proven to be vertical in nature, and it feels like you are watching an IG Stories feed only. So, the video creators now have enough options to gain the attention of the audiences.

Storytelling is here to stay for long. It is not that far when storytelling can easily replace the place, which once social media updates used to hold. Right now, Stories are viewed by over 500 million people daily. Even on Whatsapp, around 500 million people are using its Stories feature on a daily basis. Even some next-generation brands are looking for Stories for their product and brand information as well.

The audience is always the king. As social media is always on the verge of changing, it is mandatory for marketers to be aware of these top changes always. The core business principle, however, will always be the same, and that is to make the service customer-based. No matter whatever business strategy you are into, right from the initial research values to ultimate customer support, you better embed this principle throughout for better business growth.

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