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How Webinar Can Help Your Business?

Webinars are great in raising brand awareness

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I’ve been creating webinar campaigns every week for the last eight months and ever since I set up webinars using Zoom, I noticed something different this past week. The usual 9-digit webinar ID that it generates is now up to 11.

Yes, that’s right! Zoom now generates an 11-digit ID when creating a webinar. That’s a big jump and that means more people are now using the app.

Webinars have been around for a long time and are a proven marketing strategy to get more business. And now more are starting to recognise the advantage of webinars/online meetings. They realise it’s critical for businesses to transition their products/services online. But not all people respond to a crisis in the same way. Some will take immediate action to rebuild while others take time to recover. And that is fine. It’s human nature. It impacts us in every way imaginable.

This pandemic is not only taking people’s lives but also their livelihood. The world is in a standstill and a recession is looming (if it hadn’t yet). One webinar that I built for a client teaches financial strategies to use during this crisis. The coach made an interesting statement and that it is business leaders that will help the global economy recover.

Seeing this simple increase in the digits when creating a webinar ID is a great sign, a great sign that leaders are already stepping up. Leaders are what we need right now to make a difference. Your offer (products/services) will help people’s lives in this time of crisis. And webinars are an effective way for you to reach out and introduce what you offer.

But what is a webinar? A webinar is an online event where a host can do a presentation or a meeting to an audience anywhere in the world. It can be a team meeting, a sales presentation, an online class… you name it! You can do them all in webinars as effective, if not, even better. Here are some reasons why you should use webinars as an effective tool for your business:

Raise Brand Awareness. Webinars are great in raising brand awareness. You can launch a FREE webinar to introduce your brand to your ideal audience for them to know, like, and, trust you.

Identify Your Ideal Audience. Most marketing campaigns, if done right, will help you find your ideal audience. They are people who understand that they have a problem. With the help of your webinar, they now know that what you offer will help them solve that problem.

Build Your List. Not all people who registered for your webinar will actually attend. It’s fine. There are several factors why this may happen (not the right offer, ineffective landing page, etc.). This serves you well as you would now know which campaign (retargeting, follow up, etc.) to use for each list.

Craft The Right Offer. You can now craft the right offer based on your audience and list segmentation. Presenting the right offer in the right market will give you a higher conversion rate.

Polish Your Content. Webinars are either live or evergreen (recorded). Both types have their pros and cons. If you’ll be running a webinar for the first time, I would suggest that you do it live. Get real-time comments, reactions, and questions from your attendees. It will help your brand big time. As you do your webinar over and over again, you’ll know what content works and what doesn’t. You can then switch to evergreen where you can run the session many times. You’ll also get to be a better presenter or host as you do webinars. Make the webinar interesting. Get their participation. Ask questions relating to the content and engage with them by answering. Send freebies (ebook, checklist, templates). Give them resources where they can implement what they learnt from the webinar. Doing so validates the value of your offer which makes taking immediate action a no brainer.

Save Time And Money. Live events come with costs (travel, food, accommodation, etc.) and will need to plan ahead of time to set it up. Webinars are easy to set up as long as you have your content ready. Use these resources by running traffic (paid and organic) to your landing page. Doing so will get you the right audience.

Optimise Your Webinar Funnel. Metrics provides real-time feedback if your funnel is working or not. It’s the same in webinars. It sets a standard on what you want to achieve and have set goals at the onset. Track the traffic coming into the funnel. Get the number of registrants, attendees, sales, etc. You can then improve each funnel step based on the numbers that you’re getting.

Get more business! Having a profitable funnel with the use of webinars will help you get more business. The data gathered from each webinar helps you identify areas for improvement. Your audience will let you know what they want and as a business leader, our number one goal is to give it to them.

I’m not associated with Zoom nor an affiliate. There are other webinar apps like Webinarjam, EverWebinar, GotoWebinar, and more but the reason I preferred Zoom is because it’s easy to set up and connect to a Customer Relationship Management tool, and they too offer email reminder features. You can also generate the reports (poll, attendees, etc.) after the webinar. The reports will come in handy in giving out the freebies and the recording link of the webinar.

Webinars are an essential strategy more than ever in your business. Let us continue in helping people not only to survive but thrive in these challenging times.

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Arvin Unabia helps coaches and online course creators to add more students using automated marketing systems. He became deeply interested in how a customer journey goes into digital marketing and how businesses thrive by understanding what their market really wants. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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