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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Your Content Is A Hit! Now Good Luck Getting Paid

Not many people understand the concept of monetisation, especially for entrepreneur marketers

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If you’re not in the marketing world, here’s a fact you should know. The marketing industry moves so freakin’ fast and it often leaves quite a large number of marketers out there broke – even when you think that person is a very popular marketing icon you know on LinkedIn.

I am sure you’ve come across many times, some iconic marketing ‘guru’ on LinkedIn, doing great videos day-in-day-out, sharing some of the greatest, out of this world tips and how-tos to their audience, haven’t you? Cracking their heads in order to tirelessly produce nothing but great content regularly and religiously is not easy. I know a number of them. A very dedicated group of noble people who set aside their precious time, planning on what to talk about, the flow of the story, the scripts, setting the phone correctly, getting a good earpiece that comes with a decent microphone quality, searching for a quiet place somewhere and shooting the video away.

Their level of engagement on each of their posts is just wow. Unbelievable and all of them are way above the normal yours-and-mine kinda rate. Some consistently hit three to four digits worth of engagements in just a matter of hours. If you really look at the number, it’s eye-popping.

Among all platforms, LinkedIn is the only one that offers massive organic reach unlike any other. The closest one could be Twitter, however, the majority of marketers out there prefer LinkedIn still due to this. Besides organic reach, marketers like to hang out on LinkedIn because almost all professionals and decision-makers are there too. They are spending more and more of their time on LinkedIn for a number of purposes. Besides networking, they use LinkedIn to share their thoughts, ideas and build their personal brand too. Of course, these professionals are on other social media platforms as well, but most of the time they spare it for ranting. Nothing else.

“What a perfect pond this is.” One guy I know once said to me many years ago referring to LinkedIn, mimicking Yoda.

And these words still linger in my head, really. Why? Because after years and years of populating 30,000 or so worth of followers from all over the world, he is still financially struggling. By right, with the depth of knowledge he has on marketing and on LinkedIn inside-out, with his powerful depth of content he’s been producing and with his prowess  in coming up with strings of wisdom based on his 25 odd years of experience, he should be making a decent income by now. Unfortunately, he is not. In his head, I know the question of why it is so tough to land a paid customer keeps going round-and-round looking for answers.

Guess what, there are many more like him out there.

Here’s another fact to ponder. If it is so difficult, then why are there a large number of people and brands that can do it easily?

Not many people understand the concept of monetisation, especially for entrepreneur marketers. The ultimate work isn’t so much about building great content. It’s not about populating a large community as followers. It’s not about boasting a large number of engagements every time you update something on social media. These are important, yes I agree but not the ultimate stuff you need to do.


Perhaps by answering these questions, you may find the breakthrough. These questions are inspired by the McDonald’s Play To Win turnaround strategy that I’ve read in the article before. If the strategy worked on them, it may work on your business too.

Now I couldn’t find that particular article anymore, therefore I can’t have the backlink here for you to read it thoroughly. Anyway, here are the questions.

What am I doing wrong? Producing more and more content and stretching the reach on each of them is obviously not the answer to converting your audience into paid customers. The flaws could be located on the fundamentals side of your business model. Or could it be that your pricing structure doesn’t make any sense at all for the market to grasp? Or is it because they think the value you’re providing isn’t at par with what they’re paying for? Or is it because what you’re providing is very similar to others and their offer is much more attractive compared to yours? Do you think the reason they’re not willing to hire you is that they don’t see you as a credible person despite being popular on social media? You may add up a few more questions so that you will leave no stone unturned.  

What am I doing right? Obviously, you are doing everything right from where the content production is concerned, onwards. Enticing the eyeballs to your content are being done awesomely here.

What am I doing next? This one, you need to work on it wisely. It would be great if you can sit down quietly in front of your laptop and prepare a proper list

Consider this as the audit work checklist to improve your conversion strategy. With the toxic economic situation we are facing right now, it seems that you need to dig yourself deeper and answer those questions as sincerely as you possibly can. You may eventually see for yourself that the conversion problem doesn’t come from your content and awareness sides but way before that. It’s your business fundamental problem. Good luck!

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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