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Learn How To Write An Effective Newsletter… It Costs You Zero

Imagine you’re sitting on the couch and get a personal update from someone you know. How would you feel about it?

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A newsletter is one of the greatest innovations to let your client feel cared digitally. It is the cheapest way to reach a lot of people and a great way to demonstrate your expertise in an area of law.  A good piece of newsletter lets your client remember you and your personality. Easier said than done, if you do it poorly, a law firm newsletter could drive away more business than it generates. Let’s check out how to make the most from your newsletter.

Write in Plain English. Let’s face it, a newsletter from a lawyer is rare and full of legalese. The content might be good for a law review but you have to tweak the language to avoid sounding like a submission to a supreme court or a legal treatise. Pretend you are a good reporter rather than a lawyer and see how it changes the readability of your writing.

Say Something Useful. Readers would love to hear from the person in charge, no matter how briefly. A letter from the CEO of your law firm thanking customers for their support, company goals for the coming year or commentaries on the recent law that impacts customers should be the top highlights of the firm. To bring greater joy, include a funny story or law-related joke that your audience will appreciate. What are the topics that you could write about?

  • Updates on the latest Reported Cases Frequently asked questions
  • Changes in the legislations
  • Giveaways and Feedbacks
  • Informational videos
  • Guides and downloads
  • Firm sponsorship activities.

Pay Attention to the Look. Before you can start with branding, you must identify a colour scheme that will represent your firm. This colour scheme should be used consistently across your publication and your newsletter must be well-organised so that it doesn’t overwhelm the reader. Pay attention to this:

  • Consistent colour scheme. Choose professional colours such as blue, grey and white. If you wish to have a brighter colour, balance it out with an earthy colour.
  • Logo size. Make sure your logo is visible but unobtrusive. Use a high-quality image file to avoid a lack of detail when your readers zoom in.
  • Font consistency. Your newsletter should feature easily legible and professional-looking fonts.
  • White space & layout. Lay your newsletter vertically and have a margin in between. This kind of layout will make your newsletter far easier to read, especially considering how many of your readers are likely to be viewing your newsletter on a smartphone or tablet.

Publish Consistently. One of the biggest problems lawyers encounter with their newsletters is that someone has to write and design it. Staying motivated and focused to get each newsletter out on time can be difficult. Choose monthly or quarterly newsletters to make sure it can be sent consistently.

Invite Readers to Connect with the Firm. Every law firm newsletter should have the firm’s contact information and the team’s contact information. By making yourself available and offering readers the opportunity to get more information directly from you, the law firm will greatly increase the odds of getting calls from readers of the newsletter.

The best email newsletter will let you connect with your audience and build stronger customer relationships by providing valuable content that keeps your readers wanting more each month.

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Fatihah Shafie
Written By

Fatihah is a Legal Compliance Professional from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is fluent in human, legal and business language. Fatihah is the owner of MYLexcheck, a writing company that helps small firms in Malaysia grow their business with editorial works and digital marketing. Connect with her on LinkedIn and website.

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