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BIDV, Vietcombank, And Samsung Among The Top Brands In Vietnam Fighting The COVID-19

The rankings are based on how mainstream media covers brands that are fighting the coronavirus by their performance

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Isentia, APAC’s leading media intelligence and insights specialist has released a list of ‘Top Brands in Vietnam fighting the COVID-19’. Isentia’s rankings report is based on how mainstream media covers brands that are fighting the coronavirus and rates their performance across Strategy, Culture, Delivery – the three pillars of Isentia’s Reputation Framework.

BIDV emerged as the most reputable brand, followed by Vietcombank & Samsung, Vinamilk, Vietnam Airlines, and Vietinbank took fourth, fifth, and sixth spots while Huawei, Toyota, ACB, and Aeon Mall Vietnam finished at seven, eight, nine, and ten.

BIDV emerged as one of the top most reputable brands in Vietnam during the Coronavirus outbreak. They were swift to address the issues and putting their customers’ health and safety as a priority by encouraging their customers to engage BIDV Online’s banking services for payments. The bank added 0.2% annual interest rate for online pay-in and introduced BIDV Visa Platinum Cashback Contactless card for cashless payment. BIDV showed positive brand imagery by taking extra precautions by getting the frontline staff to wear surgical masks during service at transaction points to prevent disease infections. 

Samsung’s strict healthcare measures aimed at prevention of the coronavirus at their manufacturing plant in Vietnam. Efforts included quarantine of employees who live in China-border areas or drivers who traveled to China, daily health checks at entrance and prohibition of crowd gatherings. There was news mentioned of US$ 2.1 billion financial support from Samsung to the local supply chain – following orders from President Moon Jae In in helping smaller firms to strengthen their competitive edge – also marked Samsung’s significant contribution to the community. Under the strong leadership of Ms Mai Kieu Lien, Vinamilk reassured that demand for dairy, in general, would face no stockouts.

Prashant Saxena, Head of Insights for Asia, Isentia mentioned, “Brands are working closely with the government to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Well-intended strategy executed with the support of resilient company culture to deliver benefits to the consumers goes a long way in improving the reputation of these brands.”

For this study, six weeks’ worth of online news data was harvested and processed. Posts were tagged into three reputation pillars and its fifteen sub-attributes through machine learning, contextual assessments and qualitative deep dives.

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