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Get A Custom Website Design, Hosting And More

We have the ability to develop custom-designed websites that are very unique in nature, design and behaviour

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What is this product/service all about?

We conceptualise, design, and develop websites. Websites range from simple brochure/corporate website to directories and advanced custom web-based solutions. We also make mobile apps.

Tell us more

Anything that is web-based we can do. We’ve developed interactive e-card portals for company employees (PNB) to send customised, animated and musical e-cards to their stakeholders. We’ve also developed a database for a travel website (Traveloka) to fetch public and school holidays across various cities so that travelers can compare holidays between their origin and destination. A directory we’ve developed for the Olympic Council of Malaysia that has all the sports associations as well as past sports game performance and awards for our Malaysian athletes.

How much?

The price range starts from RM3,000 to as high as RM50,000 onwards.

  • Simple Corporate: RM3,000 comes with no more than 5 pages
  • Standard Corporate: RM5,000 comes with up to a dozen pages
  • Advanced Corporate: RM8,000 comes with unlimited number of pages
  • Custom Design: RM15,000 onwards dependent on the complexities
  • Portals & Advanced, Custom Functions: RM25,000 onwards dependent on the complexities

The price is very subjective as each business has different needs, target market and media development (creative writing, photos and functions). To get an exact price, please contact us and share with us your requirements and we can give an initial estimate before proceeding further. All websites developed have a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to easily update your website content with news, press releases, photo albums, etc. All front-facing aspects of the website are responsive, which means it can be accessed on all devices from smartphones to laptops and large-screen TVs.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We also have the ability to develop custom-designed websites that are very unique in nature, design and behaviour. This includes horizontal parallax we did for UDA Holdings Berhad and 360 degrees scrolling we did for Xeraya Capital.

Show us some pics or videos

This product or service is suitable for?

Corporate, SMEs, mostly B2B.

Which country or region you’re covering?

Malaysia and ASEAN.

How to order?

Email to Faiz at fs@elitewerks.com or Och at fm@elitewerks.com.

What is your website address and/or social media url?

Yeah, here you go. www.elitewerks.com.

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