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This End-To-End Social Media Service For Entrepreneurs Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

By keeping the momentum active, we indirectly build the authority and trust on behalf of the customer

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What is this product/service all about?

Basically we run other people or brands’ social media strategically, making sure that their presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is active and kicking. 

Tell us more

Besides posting interesting stuff regularly, we also fine-tune the profile, do research on specific keywords relevant to the customers, schedule those posts, prepare engaging images, videos or infographics to accompany the posts and stuff like that. By keeping the momentum active, we indirectly build the authority and trust on behalf of the customer. In most cases, they are not only able to acquire large followers but also leads. If you want more information, we can email you our rate card.

How much?

It depends on the plan the customer chooses. We have Plan 1: RM500 per month and Plan 2: RM1,000 per month. For Plan 1, we will do posting three times per week while for Plan 2 we will do posting daily.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Besides social media management, we have a division called Designloka – Unlimited Graphic Design. Here, we offer unlimited graphic design monthly for only RM1,200 per month. 

Show us some pics or videos

We don’t have any pics or videos to showcase here since this is a service. You may text or email us for some credentials. Or, you may take a look at our magazine, Marketing In Asia. This is the quality level we are bringing on the table.

This product or service is suitable for?

Solopreneur, small business owner, SMEs and corporate brands as well as professionals.

Which country or region you’re covering?

Our clients are mostly in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.

How to order?

Easy, just text us in real-time here. Let’s talk more over there. If you are comfortable to do it via email, even better. You may email us at shazleena@nseatwork.com

What is your website address and/or social media url?

You may follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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