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YouTube’s Change In Terms For 2020

YouTube, one of the best video sharing platforms that gets the people hooked

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Internet users today are addicted to trending videos on social media sites. YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms known to date. From addictive vines to emotional video stories it does get people hooked, taking up a significant amount of the time they spend on the internet. 

Businesses and marketers are aware of this fact. Which is why they have started taking advantage of this platform for promoting themselves to the public. You can witness the latest songs, trailers, TV series and movies too. Also, reviews, tutorials, interviews, motivational talks as well as commercial ads can be seen here.

Till 2019, YouTube was more inclined towards tutorials, reviews, and do-it-yourself videos. But in recent months, people have started sharing their personal experiences about life on vlogs. Challenges, influencer marketing, peer marketing has become more prevalent recently and these modifications have upped the marketing game. 

The developers of YouTube have consistently made changes to its working and terms of service for the betterment of the civilians. Recently, an announcement has been made for the same by the web giant regarding modifications in its terms and conditions. This article will throw some light on the upcoming changes in YouTube and how it will impact video marketing in 2020.

Allowing others to use the service

Till December 2019, YouTube has allowed individuals above the age of 13 to be able to use the service. But children of any age can use the service under YouTube Kids if available in their country and permitted by their guardian.

This age boundary of 13 years is soon going to be changed in the terms. These boundaries will be as per the age requirements decided by Google and the nationality of the user. But the policy of getting the guardian’s permission for a minor will remain unchanged. 

However, the guardian will need to provide an explanation of their responsibility for granting permission to the children. Similarly, if the account is being used on behalf of an organisation, the business must also agree to this agreement, where the responsibility will fall on the organisation. 

Personal use of the service

Linking to a Google account or having a YouTube account to access some features remain the same as before. They have provided details of it as to in which case you might need a Google or YouTube account. Also, the way YouTube treats your information will be kept the same. You can learn more about this in the Privacy Policy and YouTube’s Data Processing terms

Minor changes have been made to the Permissions and Restrictions section. It will later reflect the requirements for contests conducted on the YouTube channels. In addition to this, a prohibition will be put on content that appears to be manipulative in any kind. The platform holds the right to discontinue service if found to make improvements or in case of unacceptable user behaviour. These can be limited to a single user, a group of users or all of them. 

Till now the network only provided an alert in some of the cases. But after the update, there will be a prior notification if the changes are going to affect the user. Besides, the reasons for the change will be described clearly than ever before and users will have access to view them. 

Uploading content

This video platform allows the user to not only view content and videos but also to upload and share it with others. Meanwhile, the conditions remain unchanged, the content agreement has been made clearer to the uploader. No extra permissions are added to the previous conditions. YouTube at present does have access to your content even though it is not displayed after deletion. Post the December update, YouTube will not have the right to make use of your comments forever. 

As of now, the video streaming platform has the right to remove your content if found offensive without a compulsion to notify you. Later, this won’t be the case. You will be explained clearly as to why your content needs to be removed. There is also a list of actions you can take to avoid this removal. Additionally, a link to the tools needed to remove your article (if you wish to do so) will also be provided.

The uploaded content can be automatically analysed to identify abuse or offensive materials. This is to make sure that the platform is safe in all possible ways for the consumers.

Account deletion 

Your account can be terminated by you or YouTube in many situations. When this is carried out by the network, they can terminate or suspend:

  • Your use of YouTube services
  • Your Google account
  • Your Google account’s access to some parts of the service
  • Your Google account’s access to all parts of the service

The new terms will specify in which cases, there will be a possible need to stop the services. Also, it will be mandatory to give prior notice in such a case. However, if one believes that there has been a misunderstanding – steps are provided to appeal for avoiding it. In case the user wants to stop using the service, the instructions have been added to help them do the needful.

Details about the software

The YouTube application has permission to update itself in case of changes with regard to the settings of the device it is installed in. The software license that is granted to the users will be made precise to rule out the possibilities of ambiguity (as much as possible). There also have been some additions to the details about the Open Source.

Other Legal Terms

This section describes the channel’s commitment to the users as well as mentions the cases wherein YouTube will not be held responsible. Some changes have been made to the limitations of the network and other legal terms.


In this part of the Terms and Conditions, details about the contract are mentioned. The changes users can expect in case of alterations to these terms are also noted here. Upcoming modifications in the terms will provide users with a chance to review future updates.

To sum up

  • The policies are going to be more transparent than they were before.
  • The partners of YouTube have been specified to avoid confusion when the terms mention “we”
  • Age requirements have been modified as per the nationality of the user.
  • For minors, responsibility is needed from the guardian.
  • Businesses are responsible if they grant account access to the third party.
  • Manipulative content is prohibited.
  • Offensive content will be automatically detected
  • Some minor changes in the legal terms of the software and the website.

Now, that you are familiar with the upcoming alterations in YouTube’s terms of working you can improvise your online marketing efforts or viewing experience accordingly to avoid any mishaps as well as make the most out of the platform. 

Let me know in the comments if you think you have any important information that I missed out.

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