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Almost 20,000 Office Hours Daily Spent On Gaming – ADA Explains How Brands Can Make The Most Of This

8000 hours spent gaming per day per building in Malaysia with 3 out of 5 individuals are gaming during office hours in Singapore

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ADA, the advertising agency of the future, has released insights on the behaviour of office workers across the region. Specifically in Malaysia, the company has identified that at least 5% of office staff are gaming an average of 2-hours daily while at work. This totals up to about 8000 hours spent gaming per day per building in Malaysia. 

While this study does not necessarily point to unproductivity, it does highlight that many office employees are hooked to their mobile games and would leave it on for the day. 

“If you take 5% of the Malaysian working population, that’s approximately close to a million Malaysians. From a time standpoint, that is a staggering 2 million work-hours per day spent on gaming. As marketers, this acts as a valuable insight for our clients since it helps determine where and when they should place their advertisements for maximum exposure,” said Anurag Gupta, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Agency, ADA.

Around the region, statistics indicated that approximately 3 out of 5 individuals are gaming during office hours in Singapore. Whereas, in Indonesia and Thailand, office workers spent about 9632 and 2112 hours in total respectively gaming during working hours. Though, these data collected is not a generalisation of the region’s working population but based on buildings around the region that had a geofence setup.

“Our behavioural insights not only help us to understand where clients should focus their advertising efforts but also where to position their products and services towards this community. Again, while we emphasise that the data does not confirm that employees use games as a form of escapism from work, it might indicate high stress levels. This means they may respond positively towards travel or holiday advertisements or other relevant stress remedies,” adds Gupta.

Data has been a game-changer for the regional marketing community. The elimination of guesswork means that marketers and financiers are now able to make more informed and accurate decisions about where and how much to spend on marketing initiatives. 

Leveraging XACT, the proprietary telco-powered Data Management Platform (DMP) and insights tools, ADA uses data to create marketing strategies that appeal directly to targeted consumers. “It’s more than just looking at the algorithms – because while that may reduce your risk of failure, a repetitive approach won’t necessarily translate to a victory.  That’s why at ADA, we combine our experience, data insights, and creatives across multiple industries and countries we operate in to create winning strategies that are impactful. When there is an impact, we have attained success,” enthused Gupta.

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ADA is a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions. Operating across nine markets in South and Southeast Asia, ADA partners with leading brands to drive their digital and data maturity; complements its unique digital expertise with deep proprietary data of 375 Million consumers.

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