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Digital Marketing Scenes In Cambodia Today

If you’re planning to work on the Cambodian consumers, now you know how to do it and where to go.

Photo by Gyorgy Bakos on Unsplash

Co-Author, Khun Heng

The revolution of technology via smartphones and smart devices as well as the always-available telecommunication infrastructures is empowering digital marketers to promote products or services through better visibility and awareness to their respective target audience. 

As reported by Hootsuite

Digital marketing is the most popular method here in Cambodia. Why? Well, here are the reasons. 

First of all, there are millions of social media users and the number is growing very fast. Cambodians are starting to enjoy what social media channels such as Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube Instagram, LinkedIn and others are giving them. This new habit becomes part of their hectic life.  Besides social media, a commercial type of websites is also very popular. For marketers, it is a very powerful tool they are utilising to send marketing messages to their respective target customers. For example, popular smartphone brands in Cambodia such as Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, and CamFone are zooming in their marketing activities and ads on platforms like Cam-Report and Electronic World Magazine sites that are specialising in tech reviews. 

Second, digital marketing, especially social media platforms offer insanely cheap price unless traditional media platform when it comes to advertisements. And the best part is, the reach is way better too. All marketers need to do is to be creative with their posters design, video clips, infographics that are cool to look at and so on. They have to know that not every digital content is meant for every channel. 

Third, besides cost-saving, marketers here can save a lot of time using digital marketing to promote their products compared with the traditional marketing. Traditional marketing activities, for example, are pretty much time consuming – to engage and work with external parties, for example, as normally brands do not have internal resources for activation. 

Finally, digital marketing has become very popular here in this country simply because all eyeballs are now available online. 

If you’re planning to work on the Cambodian consumers, now you know how to do it and where to go. Frankly, the ROI is way better than any other traditional methods.

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Lun Borey John
Written By

He is a Pro ASEAN Marketer and CEO of 3G Agent co., Ltd, a professional business consulting firm. Among its core competencies are developing strategies and talent development to help SMEs moving effectively into the corporate level. His areas of expertise are Marketing, Sales Management and Leadership. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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