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How To Kick-Start Your Career In Digital Marketing

Learning and experiencing will be taking place together at the same time. So, embrace them. It will help to prepare for your future career.

Bill Gates once said, if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

With this comment of the Microsoft legend, the demand for online is crystal clear. It is the 21st century and the digital economy in Bangladesh is increasing faster than ever. No company will be found without a digital marketing department, and due to that, there is no better time to choose a career in digital marketing than now.

I see many people being digital marketing enthusiasts, seek pieces of advice in different job-related groups within the social media space about how they can prepare themselves to embark a career in this field. If you are one of them, here I am aspiring you reaching your goal using these steps.

Be knowledgeable

This is where it starts. Knowledge is key. Digital marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate and it has become incredibly competitive. Therefore, it requires an in-depth knowledge to showcase that you have whatever it takes to succeed here.

As knowledge comes from a combination of theories, experience and skill sets, you have to stay updated on all perspectives. From keeping your toes on the top industry news to following influential brands and people on social media and learning from them, and some activities in between, you just need to keep up.

The beauty of today’s era is that you can source for things you need online, so whatever you want to read, you will find plenty of blogs and resources regarding digital marketing there. Utilise this blessing, try to read every day and read as much as you can. You must have a broad understanding of some key technical terms such as SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, App Marketing, Automation and a few more.

Work on personal projects

By following thought-leaders and gaining secondary knowledge won’t actually pave you the way towards a complete success. You need to proof that your capability is real. This is how you stand out. And to stand out in this competitive industry, you have to show your actual real-life worth in a form of practicality. In other words, you need to stand proud of certain projects that you are in that is relevant. You can start by having a blog of your own while waiting for the first project. Here, you can share some thoughts to the audience. Make the perspective relatable, win their hearts and trusts through writing. A great marketer must be able to write their thoughts well.

Go for internship

In Bangladesh, doing an internship work as a stepping stone for a fresher to prosper in their career is definitely one of the easiest paths for you to build your momentum. The internship will help to expose you with practical scope of real-life field experiences. Here, you can exchange ideas with colleagues and clients you’re dealing in searching for a solution. Learning and experiencing will be taking place together at the same time. So, embrace them. It will help to prepare for your future career.

Build a strong resume

By saying you need to build a strong resume, it doesn’t mean the designing part of it to make catch attention. What I mean is to have different certifications to add it in your credentials. If you want to make a career in digital marketing, grab all the opportunities around you because no experience is ever wasted. The thing you are doing now, whether volunteering in certain convocation or attending a conference, you will realise it later that how it will help you in certain phases of life.

When it comes to looking for available jobs, a strong track record of having proper educational backgrounds and credibilities will differentiate you from the other candidates while providing you with more opportunities.

Expert’s advice on starting a career in digital marketing

Nowrid Amin, a digital marketing strategist and well-established thought leader, shared some indispensable ideas for the beginners –

Networking is must as per the demand of the era. The best way to know more is by surrounding yourself with talented people. These people can become your support system when you seek advice or have any problem. Attend marketing events, industry meetups, and conferences. Then enhance your skill by participating in workshops. Doing so, you can get connected with the other marketing enthusiasts. Never underestimate the importance of social media in this path. For digital marketing, apart from Facebook and Instagram, make a solid profile on Linkedin. Personally, Linkedin is my most favourite platform in social media. I think this is the best way to be part of the business industry. If you can bring a good personal branding here, it will give you incredible results.”

The rest is on you. The ball is now on your court. Godspeed!

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Rahnama is a journalist based in Dhaka, working on a freelancing basis for a few organisations. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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