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5 Ways To Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Creativity is king in this instance, but somehow, a progressive marketing plan is the way to go for many as most marketing plans are involved in long-term projects.

The medium of marketing is infinite. Given that marketing can be so vast; especially how it’s executed, planned and delivered, there are plenty of ways you can diversify your approach to stand out from the rest. Creativity is king in this instance, but somehow, a progressive marketing plan is the way to go for many as most marketing plans are involved in long-term projects.

So, where should we start? Easy. Make sure your current marketing plan is built on a solid foundation, and it’s designed to reach the right consumer sphere. Campaigns should also be meticulously curated to maximise its full potential, and combined with a timely marketing plan, results will definitely prove its weight in the name of ROI for businesses.

Many platform strategy versus a single platform strategy. While Instagram & Facebook might be the biggest players in terms of volume to get your brand out there, the chances of gaining better organic engagement plus views are higher if you expand to platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn or even Twitter. There are two schools of thought here though. One says that you should spread your content across several social media platforms as early as possible. The other camp says that while content on many platforms is ideal, the initial approach should be that you start off & focus on just one platform first, strengthen your personal brand considerably there to begin with, and then start repurposing your content onto other networks. Personally I follow the second camp where I’m currently focusing on LinkedIn exclusively but there’s no right or wrong here. Whatever works for you!

Make sure your contents are bespoke. The best way to stand out from your competition is to be different. It’s a customary discipline to churn out quality content for your marketing campaign, but if you’re planning to elevate it further, infuse humanisation into it to better connect and understand your audience.

Stay on course and never deviate away. If your marketing plan revolves around a specific brand and its services, then stick to it. Never mix or combine anything alien to complicate your existing marketing plans. This will result in confusion, and your audiences will find it hard to understand what you are trying to deliver.

Continuously monitor for changes. The market is constantly changing; given that every single passing year the economy adheres to consumers and their needs. It’s also important to keep track of your competition during times like these. This is where innovation and market disruption comes into play, and it is greatly recommended for you to put this into practice.

Be bold and don’t fear. The old adage of “Fear no failure” plays a pivotal role here. Your marketing plan reflects your overall disposition, so take great pride when you’re crafting a strategy to seize the day. Still not confident and finding it hard to finalise your marketing plans? Don’t rush. Sit back and observe the online world and its audiences by seeing what’s trending and being liked by many to learn more.

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Dr A.J Minai is a Chief Marketing Officer of Subture. He has spoken at over 170 events since 2013 and being listed as one of the Top 43 Inspirational LinkedIn Icons to follow in Malaysia by Marketing In Asia magazine in 2018. Follow him on LinkedIn and website.

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