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6 Simple Ways To Win More Clients

Carve your path towards becoming an industry leader or at least in the beginning, as a contributor.

Today, brands are becoming people and people are becoming brands. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, if you were to ask me, it’s confusing but positive nonetheless. Brands worldwide are humanising themselves to resonate with more people hoping to gain higher traction in terms of popularity. Whereas people are turning into brands because the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship is on high demand. People want to be known for what they do and it really isn’t that complicated.

You might be wondering about the statement; people, as brands? How? And most importantly, why?

Well, personal branding is about manifesting an image of yourself in the eyes of others and making yourself different from your competitor. People from all walks of life should make this a practice because then, you will carve your path towards becoming an industry leader or at least in the beginning, as a contributor.

A personal brand is important in your phase of adulthood. It may even make or break you. But let’s cut to chase – if you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer or even someone who wants to broaden your professional opportunities and ties, simply practice these 6 things and you will see the difference it makes on your career, studies or any other opportunities you may stumble upon.

  1. What’s your story? Everyone has a story to tell but it is most important to ensure that people understand and resonate with your story well. People, in general, are attracted to things that move them emotionally. Interesting and unique stories will get you higher traction with the people and this will attract your audience’s awareness.
  2. One message at a time. Having a story to tell is a great way to start building your authority but you have to be sure that your message is clear and consistent too. In the digital age today, people are quick to judge especially when you’re involving a sensitive issue. If your story is worth the share, be sure to make the sharing process as easy and straightforward as possible.
  3. We need more positivity. When it comes to content, it is important that your audience has a positive perspective of you and your brand. People tend to believe what they see. If you keep telling them stories that incite positive impact, more and more individuals will resonate with you. The other way to bring more love towards you is to collaborate with the right influencers to boost your profile even further.
  4. Let people talk. It’s proven that the best way to grow your brand is by the word of mouth. People, in general, are more inclined to believe words from their friends, families or acquaintances. Their sense of intimacy will aid them in deciding whose services they should acquire. So do your best to drive your audience’s interest to talk about you.
  5. Create, create and never stop. What do you do when you have a question and wish to search for answers? That’s right, you Google it! Hence, utilising Google and social media are the best way to gain more exposure for your services and offerings. Regardless whether you’re receiving positive or negative feedback, if people are engaging with your content, you should never stop.
  6. Connect with the people. One of the key components to having a successful personal brand is to know your audience. Once you’ve identified who you want to target, you will be able to know what their interests are. From there, connect with them more and start asking questions. If people don’t know who you are, they won’t listen to you. So, make yourself be heard!

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As one of the highly respected PR and Branding Consultants, Xavier is a strong believer in the mantra of sharing. He carries with him a dream to help people and companies reach their fullest potential. Follow him on LinkedIn .

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