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Marketing The Young Leaders Of Today And Tomorrow

In this study, Layton the author, mentioned that the debate as to whether marketing is a science, or perhaps a social science, is of social standing.

Author, Noor Sulastry

Sometimes I have been thinking whether the subject of marketing can fit in social science discussions. Well, I came across with a study entitled Reframing marketing as a social science: A look back at the Special Session in Dublin.

In this study, Layton the author, mentioned that the debate as to whether marketing is a science, or perhaps a social science, is of social standing. It has however been put to one side by the need to respond to the growing needs of marketing managers. It is now timely to think again about marketing, re-framing it in a systems setting, and linking it to the increasing urgency of informed policy responses to system wide, often global issues.

A change like this will take time but if marketing is to remain relevant we need to start now. I am starting it now by my own way of ‘marketing’ and promoting the importance of young leaders today and tomorrow which has started to come into a bigger picture of their importance in the world. This is very serious to be highlighted not only today but it should be in any discussions since last 20 years ago.

The young people are the heartbeat in any side of the world and of course in Malaysia. They requires special attention and marketed all the time because the development, progress and growth of our beloved country, Malaysia determined by the young people and they are the future leaders to ensure Malaysia good governance. Efforts have been taken by many parties to make Malaysian younger generations realized that they are the driving force of Malaysia’s development.

But is it enough or we need better marketing strategy to ensure the existing young leaders in any arena, future leaders to get the recognition and their expertise being acknowledged by the country. Young Malaysians today are creative, talented, high-spirited, bright, possess high degree of general knowledge and the list goes on and on.

However, these abilities has to be translated and how are we going to inculcate the positive values in them into actions is another story. But to take Malaysia to a greater heights and has its own Malaysian ‘class’, the young people need to be provided with greater support, love, encouragement, engagement and rightful guidance.

The vibes are different today if we look back last 3 years where the young people are always hunger for knowledge, curious of new things in town, busy keeping up with the new trends and many more. They don’t want to miss and to be missed from others. It is not easy to keep chasing new phenomena but a good marketing and promotion will help the nation to progress and with the right foundations and values, the young people are ready to take charge and realize their importance and role they play in the country. Continuous support and effort are the best ‘agenda’ to be put into consideration in order to place the young people in everyone’s heart.

Then, you will hear the beat along with melody and harmony.

Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Leadership at OYAGSB. Follow her on ResearchGate.

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