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Walking Brands Have Stories To Tell

Whatever kind of story that is, the ones that shine, are the ones that put a good heart first.

Technology enables society to be inclusive, by the act of storytelling. Whatever kind of story that is, the ones that shine, are the ones that put a good heart first.

Quoted by the founder of LeadWomen.com, “We show value by storytelling.” My heartstrings were pulled whenever I recalled a former manager’s opening storyline of, “I was a bad boss. It was when during the financial crisis that made me realized that the people I met when I climbed upwards, were the same people I met when I crashed. That was when I changed and treat people well.” I looked around the restaurant – happy waiters and waitresses; happy clients. Indeed, becoming a good boss and a leader is a learned skill, not something one is born with.

All of us go through similar life paths, so it is good to share stories. He or she has a unique life story, ready to be beautifully woven into an intricate story fabric, providing warmth and comfort. Someone, somewhere, in this part of the big world, will become a little less lonely within, when we share stories.

His story made me come back to the same place, same restaurant, 30 km away from home. Little did they know that their former bartenders, managers, waiters and waitresses were their walking brand for their restaurant.

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Kerrey Ooi
Written By

She believes in giving back to the society by meeting walking brands and write about their stories. Follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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