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Why Creativity Is Important For Marketing

You would need to get them hooked on the first try and that’s easier said than done.

When it comes to promoting a new brand or a new product to the outside world, the best way to do so is by being innovative and creative because everyone likes to see something new each time. It’s one thing to spend all that time perfecting the product or brand but it’s another thing to get it into the hands of your targeted audience who will eventually be your consumers. You would need to get them hooked on the first try and that’s easier said than done.

In order for your project to work, the process that leads up to the production has to have the same innovative and creative flow so that when you plan on promoting it, your creative juices would think up many different ideas. When developing a product, you seek out the market and perform experiments to solve those problems by researching everything and trying out many different ways for your product to work. It actually helps build up your confidence that your product is good if you were to have beta testers and gather all their feedback to make the product a huge success.

In marketing, you can’t always rely on what you think you already know and hope your product or brand would work well if you don’t experiment and seek the feedbacks of your targeted audience. Let’s put it this way, you bought something new from a brand that you have always gone to but one day they released a product that you had high expectations of only to find that it doesn’t work properly and you end up not wanting to buy from that brand anymore.

Try putting yourself in your audience’s shoes each time you experiment and see if you like the end result or not and always ask for more than one opinion to get a better idea of how to develop it better. It’s also better to keep up with modern times and make use of advanced technology because if you continue to use the traditional ways then chances are it would not go very far and it would cost you a lot more than just expenses, it might not even be effective.

So ask yourself “would it work?“, “is it something that you truly see yourself using in the long run?“, “would it continue to be usable for a long period of time rather than just a few years?“. These are the kinds of questions that could help you with the process of completing the product.  You’re not only marketing for others to try your product but you’re also doing it for yourself that’s why you need to be innovative and creative when dealing with these things. At the end of the day if other people see you having fun doing it then they’ll know that you had created the product with all your heart and soul.

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Ruzanna Lisa is a social media junkie and wordsmith. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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