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8 Lead Generation Marketing Tips For Your Service-Based Business

Strategies and tactics that will enable you to have successful conversions and generate more businesses.

Ring the alarm! As the new year brings in more luck & opportunities, it is time to review the best lead generation tips and tactics for your company’s business. When it comes to lead generation to generate conversions and drive revenues, it is not a one-size-fits-all affair. As a marketer who has worked in diverse industries, I have learned that what works for a public agency may not work for a service-based business.

It is easy to miss the mark and feel frustrated over underperforming (Return-on-Investment) ROIs. Most marketers are spending too much time looking at metrics (impressions, likes, click-through rates) rather than fulfilling their company’s marketing goal. Let’s take a look at the lead generation for service-based businesses. Examples of service-based businesses are consulting, production, and training.

For service-based businesses, having customers mean generating new sales leads. Before embarking in any campaigns or strategies, it is a good start to establish the groundwork. Let’s take a look at the following tips that will set your business in the right direction.

Identify Your Different Customers. It is imperative to understand your customer’s profile for better market penetration or lead generation. Getting into the specific details of the buyer’s personas will allow marketers to make smart decisions on creating strategies to convert prospects into customers. Building the buyer’s persona is not a guessing game. It involves getting detailed information through focus groups, surveys, or interviews. A buyer’s persona allows brands to understand customer profiles and their traits. Marketers can enhance the marketing campaigns for the target audience by incorporating customer data and insights.

Bringing Value through Compelling Offer. Setting out your strategies to attract prospects can be a challenge. Thinking outside the box will create a positive first impression which will convert into a potential customer. Making an offer such as a lead magnet (case studies, downloads, or brochures) can add value to your prospect.

The objective of having a lead magnet is to provide solutions and solving the customer’s pain points. The benefit of using a lead magnet are the foolproof way of bringing news leads into the sales funnel. Having these leads converted into an opportunity, it is the job of the marketer to engage the potential customers via content marketing. Nurturing your contacts through engagement can be more effective when doing it the right way.  Content marketing tactics (videos, webinars, blogs) are the best strategy to attract your leads and entice them with your products or services.

Engaging with your personas. The most cost-effective tools for lead generation is through social media. It is never too late to start a LinkedIn page that targets specific industries or attract the right audience. LinkedIn is fast becoming the go-to social media platform for B2B businesses. According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than any other social media platforms.

The majority of LinkedIn users are decision makers, and they represent the ideal target audience for B2B businesses. Most B2B customers research their vendors through the Linkedin company profiles. More companies are creating relevant content as part of their marketing strategy and lead generation.

Strategies to generate more leads. Knowing how to use a lead generation channel is more important than setting foot at the wrong door. We’ll look at each these strategies and how you can implement them successfully. If you are looking to drive new leads to your business, try giving one of the ideas below a shot.

Gated Content. Having a premium content like case studies or downloads are a surefire way to get users to fill out a form before they can access them. Users who exchange their contacts for these contents are the hot leads. They represent the ideal group that will become potential customers.  The quality of these leads will provide the best return since they have established the trust with your businesses.

Video Marketing. There is no doubt that video is becoming increasingly popular with the audience. It is an effective medium that can improve conversions and generate leads. Studies have shown that the majority of the online audience prefer to watch an explainer or informative video to know more about a company’s services. Trust is the foundation of lead generation. The concept of video marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships.

Landing Page Optimization. Keyword research or SEO are techniques that will ensure successful conversion rates.  The best tools for keyword research are Google Keyword Planner or SEMRUSH. Landing pages, opt-in forms, and sales page are the lead generating component of any marketing campaigns

For any campaigns to generate successful outcomes, it is inherent to have great copywriting. It is a great practice to use influential and persuasive words that will convert prospects into leads. The key to a successful conversion is to use A/B testing methodologies that will promise sign-ups, downloads, or registration.

Customer Relationships. The crux of any successful lead generation and conversions is to have a customer relationship management (CRM). The best practice for any CRM solution is to incorporate lead nurturing to drive business momentum. For small business owners, you can opt for Hubspot CRM which is free or subscribe to the premium solutions such as Salesforce if you have a bigger budget. You will find that the CRM is an ideal solution to enhance the sales process and help close more deals.  Any opportunity in the sales pipeline can be a valuable goldmine, so it best not to ignore the leads that are in your CRM database. Like any business relations, you have to treat each contact as a potential customer. For every opportunity built in the sales pipeline, business owners need to engage contacts through strategic campaigns and email communication. The CRM is an ideal solution to enhance the sales process and help close more deals.

These are just strategies and tactics that will enable you to have successful conversions and generate more businesses. Remember, there is not a single way to build a solid marketing strategy, but these tips and tactics can help you achieve any goals in this new year.

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He is a seasoned integrated marketing specialist based out of Singapore. His core competency is to acquire leads for clients through omni-channel marketing approach. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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