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7 Marketing Principles For A Sustainable Business In Cambodia

To continue growing, business owners must become the leader the business needs for each particular stage of growth.

Having been in the entrepreneurship for the last 2 decades, I’d like to share with you how to start and sustain your business in Cambodia with these 7 doable marketing principles:

Hire and maintain your powerful teams. Without the right and productive teams, we cannot grow and it certainly makes it difficult to sustain momentum over time. Business is all about people and without the rightful people a business can never grow and mature. Oftentimes, this requires any business to refresh its talent pool in support of the organization’s business model and the unique needs of its potential customers.

Target the Right Customers. Business is no longer just a business term anymore, it’s a way of life. We must always embrace an entrepreneurial attitude to see and seize the right opportunities – especially those previously unseen or that others do not see at all. This is why you must embrace an entrepreneurial spirit when targeting the right customers –to assure the business not only grows but sustains itself over time.

Great Leadership. One of the traits of successful leaders is good decision makers. They have the circular vision to see opportunity in everything. Having done it – made decisions – so many times throughout their careers, great leaders will become resistant to pressure situations and extremely intuitive about casting strategic, long-term plans for the future.

Most definitely, to continue growing, business owners must become the leader the business needs for each particular stage of growth. And since a company’s needs change at each stage, its leaders need to keep evolving at the right pace.

Operational Efficiency. Efficiency drives costs down and embeds a mindset within the workplace culture that makes people sensitive to costs and ways to streamline how the company communicates, operates and connects to the possible opportunities. This helps to assure that activities within the organization are in alignment with the needs of the business to create and sustain growth.

Invest in the Brand. Invest and move your brand into a high-quality and reputable one. Develop a culture that engages your customers, staff and community. This is a sustainable approach to growth that will pay off for years to come. You may need to take a fresh look at the vision and values of your brand, from time to time. Don’t be afraid to rework it to make sure that you’re still on track, despite all the growth. Think about how you want the business to be perceived in the market both now and in the future.

Keep close eyes of your competitors. Always keep close eyes of your competitors and you’re really looking to get your offer to the masses. More importantly, you must ensure what makes you different from your them so that your valued customers keep coming to you not them. That’s the quickest way you scale any business. If it’s proven and it’s working for your competitors, it’s likely it’ll work for you.

Identify new opportunities. Analyze new opportunities in your business by understanding your demographic better. Understand everything from channels and distribution methods to your direct competitors, and even an analysis of foreign markets and other potential industries. There are likely dozens of new opportunities you could pursue immediately with the proper amount of analysis.

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He is a Pro ASEAN Marketer and CEO of 3G Agent co., Ltd, a professional business consulting firm. Among its core competencies are developing strategies and talent development to help SMEs moving effectively into the corporate level. His areas of expertise are Marketing, Sales Management and Leadership. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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