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Top Voices Malaysia Talk: The Largest LinkedIn Gathering In Malaysia

Known as TVM, the movement was created by a group of 50 most influential people on LinkedIn Malaysia. Together, they are commanding at least 250,000 eyeballs each time their posts are on LinkedIn.

Top Voices Malaysia is a unique movement being established to help create a better version of you. With it, the movement will attempt to help you to get that job you have always wanted, improve your mental health, grow your business, fine-tune ideas for your side hustle or perhaps even help you to find ways to be on good terms with those you encounter on a daily basis.

Known as TVM, the movement was created by a group of 50 most influential people on LinkedIn Malaysia. Together, they are commanding at least 250,000 eyeballs each time their posts are on LinkedIn. Each of them has at least 15-25 years of experience in his or her very own niche and good at what they do. Now they want to help you, no matter who you are – be it a fresh graduate, someone returning to the workforce, someone tired of being in the workforce or even a high flyer wondering why you are feeling empty.

They believe that inspiration is no longer enough. Many are still clueless after being inspired. There is a need for helping one walk the necessary steps. A need to be able to see a clearer path. A clamour for customised help. TVM will help to show you the How-To. Be it a side hustle, a job interview, starting a business or simply having better mental health—all with the intention of helping create a better and new version of you.

Top Voices Malaysia’s inaugural event, dubbed as Top Voices Malaysia @ Hotel Istana in collaboration with Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre as the premier sponsor, will feature six dynamic speakers who will not only share their stories and experiences, they will also tell you HOW to take immediate action:

  1. Side Hustle: G.D Naidu
  2. What Employers Look For:  Koh Mui Han
  3. Personal Finance: Faisal Malik
  4. Personal Branding: Hanie Razaif-Bohlender
  5. Social Entrepreneurship: Noor Shahiwan
  6. How To Build a Network: Intan M Zain

Quotes from the speakers:

“Hustlers are missing a few things that entrepreneurs seem to have discovered” says G.D Naidu as he talks about how to identify what’s a hustle and keep it to a hustle.

“Recruitment is essentially a risk mitigation process. Employers try to find talent that exhibits the necessary skill, behaviour and culture fit. More importantly, it is what you do after you get the job – the first 90 days rule!” says Koh Mui Han.

“To avoid financial distress at a young age and have a better retirement plan, the first stage of the financial life cycle begins during a person’s early working years,” says Faisal Malik.

“Unless you know your Truth North, you will always wonder what makes you happy,” says Hanie Razaif-Bohlender.

“Social Entrepreneurship is about connecting your brand’s why with how it can be used authentically to serve the world,” says Noor Shahiwan as he speaks on how social entrepreneurship and business can be done together.

“Building a network is beyond getting contacts and exchanging business cards. It’s about building rapport and having people respond positively to you” says Shadaitul Intan M Zin.

Top Voices Malaysia @ Hotel Istana:

  • Date: 20 September 2018 (Thursday)
  • Time: 8.00pm-10.00pm
  • Fee: RM10 (to be paid at the door).
  • Light Refreshments: Sponsored by Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur

Reserve your seat at topvoicesmalaysia.com today, as the seats are limited.


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