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Unilever Pond’s Is Using Data To Improve ROI On It’s Influencer Marketing Campaigns Around The World

Influencer marketing is one of the main new drivers of customer acquisition for beauty brands around the world.

As millennial consumers continue to reject traditional advertising and are driven by recommendations from beauty experts on social media, influencer marketing is one of the main new drivers of customer acquisition for beauty brands around the world. However, very few approach the industry in an analytical way and even fewer employ advanced analytics tools to maximize return on investments.

As Unilever’s largest beauty brand, Pond’s has started employing advanced analytics solutions and AI-driven insights to improve the efficacy of their influencer marketing campaigns, placing itself ahead of the competition in the beauty industry.

Facilitated through Unilever Foundry, the platform that accelerates collaboration between brands and disruptive startups, the Pond’s Global brand marketing team and Popular Chips partnered on a successful 2-month pilot in Q4 2017. The pilot was so successful that the Global brand team is bringing this solution to its local teams in over 10 countries around the world from Southeast Asia to South Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Through this partnership, Pond’s aims to streamline its processes in the following areas: influencer selection, content optimization and real-time performance analysis.

Influencers Selection. Working with Popular Chips expedites the influencer search process and ensures that Pond’s finds the right influencers with whom to work. Pond’s can search for influencers based on their followers’ demographics (country, age and gender), ensuring that the influencers they collaborate with always help them reach their target audience. Pond’s also benefits from Popular Chips AI-powered Fake-Follower Recognition (fraud and spam detection), which helps ensure the brand only works with genuine influencers who reach the right target audience & ensures brand safety.

Content Optimization. Before the collaborations take place, Pond’s also uses Popular Chips to analyze each influencer’s posts and understand in what types of content the influencer’s followers are interested. This ensures that the content produced remains true to the influencer’s image, resonates highly with the influencer’s audience and obtains high engagement.

Real-Time Performance Analysis. As the campaign is taking place, Pond’s uses the platform to track its progression in real time. Crucial information about whether the collaborated content are hitting their KPIs and how much is being spent for each unit of engagement is automatically calculated. Pond’s adapts its strategy in real time to ensure the most impactful content drives even greater impact.

A little bit about Popular Chips. It is a worldwide AI-Driven Influencer Marketing and Analytics Platform that provides much-needed data to the Influencer Marketing landscape. It is the only one to offer insights to over 1 billion accounts and, according to Fortune 500 brands around the globe, is arguably “the most beautiful and user-friendly” data & management platform available. Popular Chips’ goal is to simplify the entire Influencer Marketing process in one click and to help brands make strategic decisions about influencers, content creation and campaign KPIs.

About Unilever Foundry. It is a Unilever’s platform for startups and innovators to engage, collaborate and explore business opportunities with Unilever and our 400+ brands. Through the Unilever Foundry, startups can view and apply to address new briefs from our brands and functions, apply for mentorship through one of our partners, and register to attend events across the world.

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