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Marketing in Real Estate Can Be Tough, But Not If You Use The Right Content

Marketing real estate in marketing content can either lead you through hell or miraculous success.

Marketing a real estate be it a land, residential, commercial or industrial unit can be challenging in this modern and fast-paced era. People are more demanding or rather selective in their own ways when deciding whether to purchase properties/lands or not. They are also becoming less tolerance, especially when they see boring, same old marketing technique or worst still ‘don’t know what it is about’ kind of advertisement. Marketers, on the other hand, are desperately going after sale targets and are continuously going all out with various marketing techniques to win over potential buyers. So how can you make your marketing contents ‘standout’ in the crowd and avoid becoming like the image below?

Marketing real estate in marketing content can either lead you through hell or miraculous success. There are many write-ups that are easily available on ways to win the marketing game for real estate business. Some opined that their suggested marketing ideas are bulletproof, powerful and effective. Among others, I would like to share my top six here where they will depend on the extent of your creativity in developing your marketing content.  This is assuming that you have taken into account the necessary cost/benefit factors, potential commitments and have also done your homework in your market research. I believe these top six ideas are excellent marketing tools which are idiosyncratic, noteworthy and outstanding and will sum up to just one word which is ‘STANDOUT’ – well, at least in the crowd.

Visual Elements. Whether you are incorporating images or graphics in your social media posts, make sure you portray the best part of your marketplace. Use superb Photoshop skills with excellent ‘bird’s eye view’ feature that will sharpen your images and lead to attention-grabbing graphics. You don’t want to be penny wise pound foolish where you end up having smeared images for a cheaper version of graphics. It once happened to one company that I came across where there were shadowed images in every picture of its annual report when a lower quality of colour was used on poorer quality paper. The worst part was the effects were also reflected on the front cover. Imagine what an impression it had made the moment the public got hold of it and the looks in their eyes when the annual reports were distributed at the annual general meeting.

Developing Videos. The video should be a complete view of an elegant township with fascinating greeneries and welcoming facilities. You can also add behind-the-scenes footage to show series of your project work.  If you are promoting a residential/industrial area, it would be encouraging to have a chain of videos of eateries and entertainment outlets to attract potential buyers. The choice of music/song to blend into your video also plays an important role. If you can draw public’s attention to the extent that they talk about your properties continuously, most likely more people will be swamping your new area with interest and curiosity. Naturally, news about your new project development will spread like wildfire and who knows, your property will be selling like hot cakes after that.

Sense Of Humor. Do you enjoy a good laugh? If you can identify what makes people laugh and slot this into your content, I guarantee it will at least make people remember the property that you are promoting. Be original when creating a joke (not copy and paste) and relate it to the message that you are trying to convey. This will not only add flavour to your marketing content but also impress anyone with a hearty laugh.

Include A Pet In Your Photo. Although not all people favour pets, at least it won’t turn-off customers when they see a unique or relax pose of a pet lazing in the best part of a home. How about a huge Dalmatian lying flat on its belly with four legs stretched out in front of a fireplace in a prestige home? Or a candid shot like the one shown in the picture below. Doesn’t it instantly melt your heart by just looking at it? It’s really up to your creativity on how you want to pose your pet. But be sure to select an obedient one that will sit still and follow instructions when they are in front of the camera while you work on your desired shots.

Celebrity Endorsements. As people do idolise celebrity, you may want to incorporate popular celebrities or well-known figures who can spark off your video or photo shoots. Besides, you can also engage feng shui master to talk about or confirm the favourable prospects of your marketplace from various angles such as success, health and happiness. Depending on how effective they can convey the message and which age group you are targeting at; there are higher chances of boosting your real estate sales through convincing statements.

Local Market Quiz. Don’t you love quizzes, especially those that will trigger your mind? How about those that will come with gifts and prizes? You can incorporate quiz in your real estate website to test the audience. I will go for those questions that will lead the audience to come to a decision to buy/sell homes. For instance, you can create a thought-provoking quiz to test the audience on their familiarity with the local market, how far can you go in staying in a particular township and many more. A good example of such quizzes can be seen in one of the promotions for San Francisco–based Vanguard Properties by Kevin Ho and Jonathan McNarry at their website. If you want them to come to you, you can create a contest for your quiz by giving out shopping vouchers or other prizes for those who turn up with completed answers on the quiz at your showroom.

The above top 6 ways to stand out in marketing real estate are not restricted to just the above list as they are always many more ways to polish your marketing content. I believe in outstanding creativity and logical imagination when it comes to developing your marketing content. Most importantly is to have as many potential buyers to buy as many of your properties/lands as they can. Stay focus on your marketing content so as not to get too overwhelmed when creating one until you lose track of the bigger picture of your marketing strategy. Don’t let a little marketing spend scares you. Sometimes, it may be worth to spend a little more on higher quality content while concurrently adopting proper engaging methods to standout in the crowd, especially in today’s highly competitive market.

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Jean L
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Jean L has developed her passion for writing since her younger days in university and has been involved in extensive writing for public listed companies in Malaysia. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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