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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Digital Marketing: Quotes of the Week.

You can start by not selling them your products. Instead, make them regularly aware of what you do. Own the niche.

There’s only one reason why I share you all these Marketing tricks for free. Because I want to empower you to do it yourself. With enough guidelines in hand, you will do great. Relying on others can be expensive.

How to win more customers and influence more and more people? You can start by not selling them your products. Instead, make them regularly aware of what you do. Own the niche.


According to MarketingProfs.com, approximately 94% of Inc. 500 executives surveyed said social media is effective in building brand awareness, and 85% said it helps forge stronger relationships with customers. Did they say anything about getting paid customers from it?  Nope.

You know that social media allows you to spend the least money you can reaching as many people as possible. But the question is, which one would suit your business well?

One of many ways to ace jobs from big clients is to have another big names already in your stable. If not, then it’s tough. I didn’t say impossible, but tough. Unless you’re a thought leader kind of quality.

Build a stronger brand by not following trends blindly. Strengthen the fundamentals instead, stay human and work on common sense. You’ll be okay.

You should consider getting serious about blogging if you want to quickly boost your personal branding to the level you always wanted. Hey, I mean it okay!

Social media platform isn’t designed to generate or acquire customers. It’s for awareness actually. It’s for bonding and trust building. Don’t fall for bluffs you read that it could make your sales go up.

Building massive followers are great. It shows how popular you are. But building massive engaging followers are way better. It will show how influential you are. Your monetisation work starts here.

I learned that there’s a higher percentage of me securing a deal when people come to my website rather than me approaching people. Trust, this is the reason why. Approaching people can only make them run away.


When you’re selling the same thing others are selling, how do you make people buy from you and not from others?

Your brand doesn’t need rebranding, just a little tweak will do. Unless people really hate it due to something bad happened or somehow it went outdated.

Many small businesses still not able to grasp the fact that storytelling plays a major part in creating a successful marketing. They fail to understand the benefits that it helps to create a strong bond with consumers. Are you making the same mistakes?

How do you actually build a memorable brand? It all starts with your business name. Simplify it.

There is no better way to build connections than meeting them face-to-face, despite maintaining the existing online bonding. That’s how a business is triggered.

One of many ways to create a trustworthy brand is to write a resourceful content. Get the people attracted for more and more until they approach you for business. When this happen, the business is as good as yours.


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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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