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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Digital Marketing: Quotes of the Week.

Take advantage of the technology for mutual benefits. Both you and your students could achieve beyond than expected.

Are you a teacher? Imagine if you could utilise social media channel to interact with your students, engaging them regularly and help to elevate their understanding on certain subjects in a much better way beyond school time, and at everybody’s convenience. Take advantage of the technology for mutual benefits. Both you and your students could achieve beyond than expected.


You may find word-of-mouth marketing works for you well when your products and services are exceptionally good. The word will spread fast. On the other hand, it also negatively works against you if your products and services are on the other side of the spectrum. When people hate you, the word will spread even faster.

One of the things that you must do before starting your social media adventure is to sort out your branding strategy first. Without it, you’ll be seen as a clueless brand. Trust me, it will be so obvious to your audience and you do not want that to happen.

If you’re in a B2B business, you should spend more time on LinkedIn. Share cool articles and stories there. It offers you not only higher conversion rate than any other channels, but also the right audience of professionals to network with


When ideas are stalled and there’s no way forward, I’d look up to IKEA for new perspectives. Visiting it always a refreshing adventure from a Marketing point of view. Here I observe many great insights beyond what’s been told.

Every single time when they come over to my blog, I’m planting a small dot on their mind about my brand – Azleen. I keep on doing the same thing day-in-day-out in every channel I’m on, to ensure that I plant enough about me. I know these dots will disappear with time. From dark concentrated black, it will turn to grey, going dimmer by days and totally gone soon. As I planted more dots, the older ones disappear and the new ones remain there for a few days till they’re gone too. The process has to go on and on. People will forget what they see. Only when things become repetitive, they will notice about it and then they will remember. This is how awareness works.


Mark Schaefer: If you suck at blogging, creating video or even podcasting then do this one simple thing – get help‬

People may notice you on their social media channels, from their scrolling to be more specific, but to make them stop and take a peek at your content is not that easy.

A content is shared when the audience is aligned with the perspective, when the content is something new and somehow they feel it won’t be ethical for them to keep it to themselves, something they could relate to it or a combination of these. Emotional, well this also plays a major part of it.

Before people can actually offer their trust you through your content, they will view your background and the rest of your profile first. If it makes a lot of sense, easy to understand, authentic and a thought-leader sort of quality, then the trust is all yours to keep.

‪Your brand discoverability plan must starts with blogging. No blog, no index on any search engines. No indexing there means, no one will find you.

‪People are experts in making simple things complicated and Digital Marketing is among those. Then the best part is, we buy expensive tools to simplify those ‘complicated’ things.

As a Marketer, I know that there are no direct ways to influence people to make decisions to buy things. The nearest I can advice you to do is to build trust. Once trust sets in, you can sell them anything.

Once your followers know you’re a type that don’t reply to comments, they will just ignore you completely. Or worst they’ll unfollow you.‬ Seems you’re too proud of yourself and unwilling to engage with others.

We are all hunting value for money propositions when purchasing something. Buying brands are no longer priority nowadays, but value yes.‬

You may have a strong branding and awareness campaign but if the consumers don’t quite see why they must buy your product, they’ll skip you.

If you can’t afford the SEO game, create a Google+ account. With regular updates and engagements, your search-ability will still be there.

When your social media campaigns seem stalled and the situation gets darker, take a step back. Pivot the strategy. Pivot means tweak, not changing the whole thing.

When there is a person talking to you, obviously you must reply. Else you’ll be seen as rude. Or cocky. Same goes for social media, please reply to comments.

People are spending more and more time staring at their gadgets. And brands are taking a good advantage of this.‬ Are you?

As a blogger, to be invited by certain brands to travel the world at their expenses is not that difficult. Just apply one. Write to them, let them know your interest.These brands might consider your request as some new bloggers did get the invitation though. But first, make sure your followers are decent in size. ‬


For nearly 5-hours today I was studying how Chiara Ferragni, world’s most coveted super blogger plays her digital game‬. She owns The Blonde Salad, a lifestyle brand that worth millions now. Observed what she is doing right and not-so-right too. And I learned a lot from it.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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